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David Bridburg

4 Months Ago

Video: Social Justice Warrior

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David King

4 Months Ago

That sums up online "debate". Once I realized this is what online discussion had degenerated into I stopped consuming and participating.


Jim Hughes

4 Months Ago

I made it 1/3 of the way - pure pain, nails on a chalkboard. And funny. If i say more i'll get your thread closed. :-)


RD Erickson

4 Months Ago

I've never been interested in "social justice". Especially in the U.S. of A. you make your own way by the choices you make - the friends you have, what you do. If you stay in bad circumstances - you must like it that way. There are just too many opportunities - as well as lies that a college education is your ticket to a good life - for having a successful satisfying life. You might have to "work" at it. But you might discover that digging ditches is just the thing.


David Bridburg

4 Months Ago


If we measure in dollars and cents, the local plumber is probably doing better than the majority of college educated people in the area.



David Bridburg

4 Months Ago

It only gets better....


Jim Hughes

4 Months Ago



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