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Peter Gartner

8 Days Ago

A Painting Elephant

The elephant seems to know what she is doing

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Robert Kernodle

7 Days Ago

One of the comments under that video says this:

This poor elephant is suffering. Many of those who comment and like do not know that to teach him to paint, the man who is near the elephant hurts him with a nail and in that way guides his will to where he has to move his trunk. the elephants are very exploited in thailand for this type of activities and also for the famous walks in which they are forced to make more than 200 walks per day. Also when they steal from their mothers they are chained and subjected to what is called PHAJAAN which are tortures and blows so that the elephant knows that it is subject to the will of the people. Please if you go to Thailand or to some exotic place, do tourism responsable. If you want to see an elephant visit a sanctuary not a zoo or the famous walks. What can be better than seeing a happy animal in its habitat with its herd instead of seeing it suffer? remember that the excessive demand of tourists is what caused this serious situation of mistreatment of elephants.

Suffering to be an artist should be the artist's choice. I don't think the elephant artist chooses to suffer.


Abbie Shores

7 Days Ago

It is horrible. The way they 'train' then is appalling. Why can we not just let animals be animals.. Why do we always have to humanise them...


Ronald Walker

7 Days Ago

It is an abomination, hard to imagine doing that to another living creature.


Joe Burgess

7 Days Ago

Large swaths of human culture teach that animals (non-humans) are not sentient, and therefore don't experience suffering.
Which of course says more about the humans than it does about the animals...


Chuck De La Rosa

7 Days Ago

Snopes is your friend. This is an eye opening article:


Robert Kernodle

7 Days Ago

A better idea would be to assemble buckets of water, safely tinted in a variety of colors, allow the elephant to fill its trunk, and then spray its trunk load onto a huge canvas, refill with a different color, repeat, and repeat again. Next, the elephant would stomp its former inhumane trainer, until a variety of his entrails were splattered upon the ground, at which point a humane trainer would gently guide the elephant to sling those entrails onto the paint-splattered background just fashioned.

This would be reminiscent of dead-rat art or other such shock art.

Very in tune with the times, as it makes several culturally-relevant statements simultaneously.


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