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Minnetta Heidbrink

8 Days Ago

Sharing To Social Media And The Price

If I share an item from my FAA to FB, there are 2 prices. My price and the customer's price. The only way I find to send to social media is to log out of my account and then share, the correct price shows. Any other idea's. I'm rather new, thanks, Minnetta

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When I share from FAA to social media I do not see two prices.
I use Chrome, don't know if the browser makes a difference.

When you see two prices on social media, try logging out of the social media and see if you then see only the customer price.
If so, then you have no worries.
If that doesn't help, Abbie should be able to provide the answer.


Jessica Jenney

7 Days Ago

When you share a link from FAA there is no price until the link is clicked on. The public sees the price they would pay for. When you are logged in you only see the base price without your markup


Jeff Folger

7 Days Ago

What Jessica said... :-)


RD Erickson

7 Days Ago

When I share to FB - I open the image in my artist website - I choose how I want to show it as a framed print, usually, but sometimes as a canvas or other print. I then right click on the image and save it to one of my files. Going to FB - I choose the photo icon and upload the image from my file (I also have copied the URL where the image is in my AW) and paste it in (after I upload the image I want to show). The you simply click on post.

I don't really want to post the price - because I want to give the potential buyer the option to choose what kind of print they want and what size.

I put some of them here:

I also post them to groups on FB the same way.


I've never seem a wholesale price Minnetta. The only one who can see your wholesale prices is you. And you must be logged in to see those.


Floyd Snyder

7 Days Ago

Gosh, I just don't see how that can happen. That is a new one. Can you send us a link to an example on your FB page or any FB page?


Minnetta Heidbrink

7 Days Ago

I guess I will try what RD does, although I'm still confused. Or just share logged out. I see my price and when I share, I then click the link from my FB page and it shows the lower price. Or, maybe because I'm logged in, it shows me the lower price, but not the customer!! I thank y'all for your help. BTW. Saints to the Superbowl.


Mike Savad

7 Days Ago

i'm not sure what your sharing, because there are no prices on facebook. best to just copy the main url and send them to that.

anyway, when your logged in you see your price, as if your buying it.

logged out you see the customer price. if your on faa, then go to your site on pixels or the AW. or you can load the pdf to see the prices. i would avoid adding prices though.

though the facebook window, does seem to have a new format now, so maybe this is a thing they do now?

----Mike Savad


Minnetta Heidbrink

7 Days Ago

Floyd, I think I finally got it. I don't post prices, however, I go back from the link I shared and I see my price, I'm finally understanding.
Mike, thank you for your helpful advice.


Minnetta. here is a sample of what RD described. I just posted a framed sample of a sunset (on Facebook) here:
The link in that post goes to my A/W where a potential customer can see pricing and other print options:


Floyd Snyder

7 Days Ago

Where are you seeing the prices on Facebook, that is part I don't get. I have made thousands and thousands of posts to Facebook and never seen the price show up until I click on the image and it takes me to my FAA image. If that is what you seeing and you are still logged in, yes, you will see YOUR prices. But no one else that clicks on the image is going to see those prices. They are going to see the full retail prices.


Minnetta Heidbrink

7 Days Ago

Thanks Bill and Floyd. I'm just a slow learner and I'm grateful for the help, thank, Minnetta The price shows when I click on it, takes me back to FAA . Probably because I’m signed in. I now understand the problem. If a customer clicks on it, of course the price shows up but at the higher price


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