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Anthony Cox

11 Days Ago

New Account, Password Sent In Email

I just signed up. The system sent me a temporary password via email, but also displayed it on the web site. The security of emailing the password is defeated that way. Can someone look into it.

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Susan Maxwell Schmidt

11 Days Ago

I don't recall how it's done, it's been so long, but you can always change your password in Behind the Scenes You'll find it in the drop-down menu behind your name in the top right-hand corner.

Susan Maxwell Schmidt
So-so Group Moderator,
Sometimes Board Moderator and
Artist Extraordinaire


Anthony Cox

11 Days Ago

Just to clarify, the problem is not that I cannot change my new password. The password is emailed to the user. This proves it is the user's real email address. If it is on the web page, anyone can set up a new account with someone else's email address, because they get the password from the website.


Gill Billington

11 Days Ago

As far as I know the password is only on the website in the behind the scenes area that is only seen by you. There are no passwords or email addresses visible to a visitor. They are are visiible to you when you are logged in and if you forget it and they email you a new one then you just change it. That is what happens in most websites accounts.

You can log out and look at your page to see what a visitor sees.


Mike Savad

11 Days Ago

it works like that on all sites. it goes to the original email, not one you make up. and unless your in that other person's account you wouldn't see that password. and if someone sets up a new account with my email, i will get news about that account - they won't. but all sites are set up this way, it only goes to the registered account, and i think all email addresses have to be unique because of that.

----Mike Savad


Abbie Shores

11 Days Ago

Anthony is saying, correctly, that when you register you get a congrats page with your log in details shown. You also get an email.... As well

However, the fact is that tons of people never check their spam folders, or their providers already block our password server, so it's this or nothing.

End of story really


Joy McKenzie

11 Days Ago

Abbie, those messages people get online on the site... the only person who sees that message is who it was sent to, right?


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