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Ellie Asha Photography

10 Days Ago

Any Tips?

Hi Everyone, I've recently opened my business and I'm trying to find out if there are any good tips you have for selling. Thanks for any help!

-Ellie Asha

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Philip Preston

10 Days Ago

This question is asked many times, if you do a search for marketing in the discussion forum, you will find some excellent advice on things you need to do. Good luck, and welcome to FAA.


Joseph C Hinson

10 Days Ago

Better captions and keywords to start with. For example, the Salem Footbridge is a fine photograph, but you're not helping people find it. Google like descriptive sentences as the caption. Provide a little history of the bridge. From looking at it, I am guessing it was an old railroad bridge. What railroad? When was it built? When was it closed? Is it named "Salem Footbridge" or is there another name it is more commonly known as? People who buy photographs of bridges do so because they know and like the bridge. I sell bridge shots and typically they sell to the area around the actual bridge. So help people who like THIS specific bridge find it.


Philip, I’ll have to definitely check the discussions for marketing!


Thanks for taking the time to point out the specific feedback! It is greatly appreciated. I’ll look over the next few days and update my listings with more details. That is great advice!

Thank you again!


Mike Savad

10 Days Ago

sell more than flowers, they don't sell that well, everyone has them.
have more than 12 photos
the avatar you have would look better as a face. it currently blends in and its hard to see what it is. your face should represent your store.

Photography Prints
make sure titles are spelled right.
not too many people will type in dorm art, and if they did, i don't think they would expect to see a leaf. you should try to ID the leaf though, people may look for a specific type. i try to give more meat in the description, because we can see its a leaf, its more like - why is it a leaf, or does it represent something?

Sell Art Online
tell us more about this location. we can see its a photograph of the titled image.

you want things in collections. you'll have more than 12 i assume, so everything should be organized. add a bio about the work you sell.

Marketing 101 by Mike Savad
Why Your Work May Not Be Selling - By Mike Savad
Evaluating Your Own Work To Sell – By Mike Savad
How To Critique And Edit Your Own Work For Better Sales
The important of Descriptions and Keywords by Mike Savad

----Mike Savad


Thanks for the advice! You are definitely right, I need to step up my game. I’ll try to work on these things over the next few days. I really appreciate the feedback.


JC Findley

10 Days Ago

Hi Ellie and welcome!

It's not that flowers don't sell, they sell very well, it is that there are 1.62 million flower images on FAA. That makes it hard to get any single one seen and even if you do there are a LOT of them you have to compete with directly.

As Mike said, the more images you have the better so long as you don't sacrifice quality. Also uploading 20 different versions of the same Ferris Wheel with ever so slightly different perspectives will not help. (Not that you did that but I have seen it done in the name of quantity.)

My biggest recommendation is finding markets that are not already saturated that you have access to. Shooting Haystack Rock or Multnomah Falls might be obligatory in OR but it won't help sell early on as there are thousands of each already on here. Now, in and around Salem you may well find stuff that is not saturated. There are exactly nine hits and only five actually applicable for Oregon State University Beavers. THAT is a market you can tap. I am not sure why but Oregon State University seems to be ridiculously spammed but add the beavers at the end and it is not.

That technique is exactly how I started selling here and now I can sell in the more saturated markets as well.


Lisa Kaiser

10 Days Ago

That is great advice JC Findley.

I think I'll take that advice, myself.


JC thanks for your insights!


Patty Donoghue

4 Days Ago

Hi Ellie. My best sell on this sight was several hundred to a designer. I have no Idea who bought them so I cannot even try to facilitate further purchases. There was a big discount but I still earned a lot of money. I think there was some spiritual intervention to make this happen. This was in November and I have been trying for more of that. In my attempt I have been very active in groups, contests and conversations- but have not made a FAA sale yet this year. Your work is nice. Ill be sure to stop in and like some. They say this helps to move you up somewhere in the FAA searches.


Thanks Patty!


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