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Katalin Luczay

10 Days Ago

Winter Slump For Painting

Winter maybe a time for plain air artists when we slow down due to bad weather. Sketching may be a good way to keep going, and establishing ideas for a new painting. Setting up a still life and doing a painting from that seems like a good exercise too. The image included is a sketch, sort of a thinking process for my next work.I love to paint water, ocean and sky and their movements. Would enjoy hearing what any of you do to survive the winter.

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Janine Riley

10 Days Ago

Although I am not a plen air painter - I usually hunker down during the winter and get most of my painting done.
This year I seem to be frustrated with stops and starts.
Frequent storms in the Pocono mountains that require quite a bit of maintenance. A wood / coal stove that takes attending to.
My desk is piled with sketches of research material - when I get my act together - I will be able to knock out a few at once on the same theme.

I really would like to settle in though and just be busy painting. In the winter - having a painting going at all times is the only thing exciting to get me up and out of bed in the early morning hours.

I usually do a series of blues in the Winter - this year I am working on a Sienna western theme.


David King

10 Days Ago

Back when I had a plein air painting buddy we went out nearly every Sunday during winter anyway, I can't say I enjoyed those outings much. lol I don't paint plein air anymore and rarely sketch on location, I don't do anything specific to get through the winter, really I haven't been doing much art at all. Winter is a good time to get more studio painting time in.


Alfred Ng

10 Days Ago

Not a plein air artist but I do enjoy taking photos of winter some end up as my paintings. I find I am more productive during the winter as less detraction form outside, no flowers in the gardens, threes are all bare etc. Winter time offers more time to paint and plan for future works.
You could always paint what is outside your windows.


Mike Savad

10 Days Ago

seasons have no meaning to me. i have stock from the summer, or i colorize.

but if its winter, and there is snow, its the best time to get photos of things in the snow, and you can paint that.

----Mike Savad


JC Findley

10 Days Ago

It can be the same thing for photographers depending on where one lives. When I was in the North East winter meant snow shots and I was busy.

In the south it means boring brown landscapes with no leaves. (Summer can also be a lull for various reasons too.)

I concentrate on shooting still lifes inside or creating something I have never tried before but all stuff I can do in the comfort of my studio, which is really just the one room in the house I was allowed to decorate.


Don Northup

9 Days Ago

As a photographer winter is bad for me regarding new material as I'm in Iowa and I don't care for the cold at all. I do shoot a few events, but not many. I did shoot pro football for several years in the winter (arena, not NFL) and that made winter quite fun for shooting.

Now winter is when I edit stuff shot in the spring, summer, and fall and create digital art.

If the winter drags on it can get a slight bit depressing waiting for spring to pop.


Shankar Kashyap

9 Days Ago

I am not much of a plein air artist. I tend to sit in my studio with a fire on and spend o time on my easel with my Labrador at my feet. I find the winter quite cosy time of the year to most of my paintings. I am concentrating on a series of winter mountains at the moment!


Barbara Griffin

9 Days Ago

I am not a plein air painter. I only paint in my studio.
Winter is beautiful to look at but this winter seems to drag on forever and started about a year ago, lol, in October.
I can't seem to get back in to painting again.
I try to keep busy quilting, sewing and scrapbooking.
Hopefully, all the beautiful work on this site will get me back into painting mode.


Toby McGuire

9 Days Ago

Getting ready to go out into the snowstorm right now. Like JC said winter means snow photos if you're a photographer.


Floyd Snyder

9 Days Ago

Oh you poor babies! You think you got it rough! Do you have any idea how many t-times we have missed due to frost delays? Not to mention full days because of so much rain this year! :-) :-)


Katalin Luczay

6 Days Ago

we all have challenges in the winter need to encourage each other


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