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Hila Abada

12 Days Ago

Hila Abada

Hi All,
I’m new on this site. Please check out my artwork and give me feedback.

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Abbie Shores

12 Days Ago


You will not in our search until you load a headshot


Rose Santuci-Sofranko

12 Days Ago

Welcome! I really like your work and am now your 1st follower. This one is great!

African Vibe

African Vibe Prints

You have absolutely no tags/keywords on this one tho....you need to add a lot so people can find you in the search.

black and white, African,vibes,people,drawing,etc.....


Hila Abada

12 Days Ago

Thanks guys I really appreciate your feedback.


Mike Savad

12 Days Ago

make sure you upload large (but not enlarged), images that are in focus.

Art Prints
that is too small and soft. they probably won't print it. as said you must have tags and descriptions.

Sell Art Online
you have to watch your cropping and how straight things are, its also darker at the top for some reason.

try to divide the images into collections, don't know how many more things you have to upload, but it looks neater that way.

----Mike Savad



7 Days Ago

Hila, I just took a look at some of your art. VERY NICE!


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