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Travis Patenaude

13 Days Ago

Prep Photos To Print From Faa Icc Profiles

I wanted to see if FAA had a guide on how to best prep image to print by FAA and if they have a ICC Profile? Most of my images are low key and I want to make sure they are printing correctly. Also is there an option for print samples so we can verify the images print correctly? maybe a discounted image for print sample.

Thank you

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Abbie Shores

13 Days Ago

You are paying base price for your images when you're logged in

There are no profiles needed. We have several different print shops around the world which is one reason, using different setups, but also its not like the good old days of printing, nowadays printers print to your metadata, not the other way around.

Upload your best quality and the printers print that


Rich Franco

12 Days Ago


Nice stuff! I would upload some more and then take one image that YOU think might be challenging and get a small print made.....



Abbie Shores

12 Days Ago

Travis. that first image has been on our QC page already and made a couple of us weep. VERY well done


David Smith

12 Days Ago


Really nice stuff

As Abbie pointed out, FAA uses multiple vendors to produce work and even if they used only one vendor different printing devices require different profiles.

There is an intermittent issue here with images tagged in Adobe 1998 having the profile stripped before the various product images are generated which results in display images that appear washed out.

This does NOT affect the files that are used to print the work, only images displayed on the site.

If you see this happening, convert to sRGB and upload that, or if you don't want to worry about it at all, use sRGB for everything.


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