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Bill Tomsa

11 Days Ago

Lest We Forget

I don't mean to bring a negative to this Discussion area, but this day is one I can never forget as it is the day our world changed forever.

And I sincerely hope this isn't labeled as "political" (and doesn't become political) but rather as a way to simply remember 9/11/01 and what we were all doing when we first heard the terrible news that one of the towers had been hit.

Gloria and I were out walking our dogs when we came back and turned on the news to find out the first plane had struck one of the Trade Towers.

What were you doing when you heard the news?

BTW not an image thread. Also I won't be able to respond to any posts as this is the day before our 50th Wedding Anniversary and I'm a bit busy.

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Carmen Hathaway

11 Days Ago


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, & inviting others to share theirs, Bill.

Another kindred spirit started my morning today with a remembrance of this date, in 2001.

I was getting ready to head to my studio, TV news caught my attention with an image from the first tower.

I thought that it was a promo for a movie. It was not.


Diana Angstadt

11 Days Ago

I was driving to work in my car and heard on the radio that "a small plane hit the tower". I had no idea it was a large jet until I got to the office and put on the news.


I actually told my children as we were driving to their school to "remember this day because the world just suddenly changed!"

I'm still astonished by it.


Chuck De La Rosa

11 Days Ago

I was at work. My wife called me and told me a plane hit one of the towers. Back in those days the Internet was not as robust as it is now. CNN's servers were overwhelmed and it took us a while to get info on what was really happening. I was working for a hospital at the time and we went to the main building in one of the waiting rooms to get information on one of the TVs.


I was on my way into work and turning the car into the parking lot I can remember hearing on the radio that a plane had hit one of the towers. At first, I didn't think much about it, I thought perhaps a corporate jet had lost its way. I walked into the building and down to my office. I remember turning on my computer and waiting for it to boot-up when a friend stopped by to tell me what really happened. I spent most of the morning in the company breakroom watching the news and trying to wrap my mind around what I was watching. There was a sense of dread that fell over me, I realized that the world we lived in had just changed. That sense of dread took a long time to dissipate.

One not so little caveat to my story, I used to have a 365-day calendar on my desk that had a Bible verse for each day. That particular day, I had not flipped to Sept 11. I had another coworker visit me and they instinctively picked up the calendar and flipped it to the right day. They asked me if I had read what it said, I shook my head and said no and then she handed it to me. This is what it said:

September 11

"That day will be a day of wrath, a day of distress and anguish, a day of trouble and ruin, a day of blackness."~Zephaniah 1:15

This calendar was printed in 1993 and I will never be convinced that this was mere coincidence.


Abbie Shores

11 Days Ago

No religion either.. Just a reminder


Doug Swanson

11 Days Ago

I distinctly recall all of the media coverage, but my most vivid recollection was some months later, standing at the edge of the abyss as heavy equipment began the process of hauling away the debris on that huge site, imagining being in or near those buildings as my last moment. That's not an image that you forget. A few months before all that, my family and I had taken the elevator up to the rooftop observation deck, but that was just a nice day in the big city. I also knew people who worked in the building, who had changed jobs just recently and were lucky enough to not have been there that day. All that made it seem personal.

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Robert Kernodle

11 Days Ago

I was walking on my favorite running/bike path, where, about a mile from my apartment, I encountered a yoga-teacher friend of mine who said to me, "New York has been bombed". I thought that she was exaggerating, but when I got back home, about an hour later, I turned on the TV to an image that looked exactly as she described, and a horrible feeling came over me. The next day, I spent all day doing a large charcoal drawing, symbolizing the American spirit rising from the ashes of destruction -- that drawing has been in an attic all these years -- the only charcoal drawing that I ever did.


Kathy K McClellan

11 Days Ago

I was in bed and the phone woke me up. My husband called from work and asked me to turn on the TV because he had heard we (USA) had been attacked (word going around his factory). I relayed to him what I saw on TV and while we were on the phone the I watched as the second plane hit the towers.


Mary Bedy

11 Days Ago

I work in the translation industry. I kept getting emails from my translators in Europe that they couldn't believe what they were seeing on CNN. One of my co-worker's sisters worked in the American Stock Exchange building next to the trade centers and she actually was on the phone with my co-worker when she watched the second plane hit as she came up out of the subway. I can't image what that must have been like. In any case, I'm not watching any of the coverage today.....it's still just too depressing but no, we won't forget.


William Kuta

11 Days Ago

I was in my office a block from the White House. After the second plane hit, and we saw White House staff pouring out of the Old Executive Office Building across the street, we decided that would be a good time for us to leave the area also. There were a lot of rumors going around about things that didn't come to pass, and about things that did. Bless the Flight 93 heroes, and the two DC National Guard pilots who went out in their unarmed F-16's looking for that flight, prepared to ram it if necessary.


Joseph C Hinson

11 Days Ago

I am glad people keep posting those "Never forget" memes and whatnot on Facebook. Otherwise, it would have slipped my mind. SMH Of course I am being snarky. I just remember the fear in my then wives voice when I called hr from school that day and the decision to eff school and go home to be with my family.


Janine Riley

11 Days Ago

I was at work. We lived in a small town in Orange County NY - about an hour from NYC.
My boss was the town's Emergency Civil Defense Management, and we were just on the other side of Storm king Mountain from West Point.

In Orange county many families have someone who commute to NYC.
Many husbands and father's of the friends that I grew up with were NYPD and NYFD.

We were stunned.
The air was silent as all air traffic had been stopped. They closed the bridges in /out of NY city in expectation of more bombs.
No one could get home. Communication was out or extremely limited for days.

We all walked around like zombies. So many in the communities were missing. No one knew if they were victims - or just could not call out.

People gathered, and stood in silence staring at each other. What was there that could be said.... and too afraid to ask.

The days went by - and we tried to keep some sense of normalcy . We would take the kids for soccer practice , and everyone waited - but the coach was missing.
And that is how the weeks went , as the phone calls eventually came in.

There were so many to mourn .
Everyone knew someone whose life was dramatically altered.


Janice Drew

11 Days Ago

I was at work that day. My daughter who worked out of Boston stayed home sick. She had the television on and called me.

My co-workers and I congregated on the third floor to watch the small TV in the employees’ lounge which was just outside my office. We worked in a brick building originally built as a prison in the late 1800s. The windows were huge from floor to ceiling. We had a view of the downtown from the harbor to sky.

It was through those windows, we saw two F-15 aircrafts flying low over the 1820 Courthouse in downtown Plymouth, MA. The courthouse was the building in front of ours. They were coming from Otis Air Force Base which is a 38-minute drive from Plymouth. It was a surreal feeling.

I called my mother to turn on the television, my husband and tracked down my son at the John Hancock building in Boston. This was before any of us had cell phones. He had heard, and his building was being evacuated. He used the public trans system to and from work. I was so relieved when he called me from his apartment and knowing he was out of the city.

Within a short time, all of us were sent home too. No one knew at the time what buildings and locations were targeted. Working in a government building and an historic town, they weren't taking any chances. For days, security was around our buildings. Security around the Pilgrim Nuclear plant was on high alert.

It was one of the most solemn days in our lives. We spent the day and night glued to the television. My brother's next door neighbors were on a flight to LA but not the ill-fated one. It was just minutes apart. They grounded them in Cleveland. They cancelled their vacation and returned home by train.

Just horrific, and I pray we never see the likes of this again. Sadly, I say, with the state of this world, I expect we will.

Bill, happy 50th Anniversary to you and Gloria tomorrow. (My mom was Gloria too.)


I posted this image (just the bare image) and my words, "I will never forget..." on a few Facebook pages this morning. I has had several hundred Likes, Shares and Comments. It was photographed at Baltimore's Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine earlier this year. I meant for it to represent the 1814 bombardment of Fort McHenry, birthplace of our National Anthem, but it does seem to fit the theme for today.

A good friend lost his son-in-law at the Pentagon that morning (leaving behind a wife pregnant with twins. My (former) son-in-law was a first responder who was rescuing people in the North Tower when the South Tower collapsed. He made it out OK but lost several friends and colleagues that day.

I will never forget...

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Bill Tomsa

10 Days Ago

Thanks to all of you who remembered and shared your memories and thoughts on 9/11/2001, the day that our world changed forever.

I will close this discussion now.


This discussion is closed.