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11 Days Ago

Help With Setting Up Page

I'm new and my art page name is Alan Smith. Another artist has the same name and my artwork is showing on his page. How do I keep mine separate from his page? By changing my name and account information or is there another solution?

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Western Exposure

11 Days Ago

That looks like an issue for Abbie to sort out. https://pixels.com/profiles/isabella-shores.html You could message her directly.


Abbie Shores

11 Days Ago

There are actually 28 accounts with the name Alan Smith

But you will not show up properly in the searches as you have no headshot

In fact, there are several reasons images are not found in search. Here are all of them for future reference. Yours may well be here

1/ The keywords do not contain the actual word being searched for (including a name which should be searched for by using the drop down to change from keyword to artist on the search box)

1.a/ ........Or the keywords are so generic (such as abstract, sea, sky, landscape, sunrise, etc etc) they are being lost in a sea of over 7 million images. Use a site like http://www.mykeyworder.com/ to get better keywords

2/ The keywords have not been on the site for over 24 hours

3/ You have less than 10 images in total and / or have been here under a week

4/ The images have a safe filter on

5/ The images are in password protected galleries

6/ They are past the end page we show for any one search, which is not all images. We stop showing after around 2000 images. If more images on the site than that it may well be at the back of the search. (This is often new images or images from people who have not yet sold)

7/ You have not had a headshot on the site for the past 24 hours

8/ You are searching for a gallery name which is only found on this page https://fineartamerica.com/gallerydirectory.html The normal search pages only find art and artists that are named on the work


Check your own profile shop to make sure they are there https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/27-alan-smith/shop ( https://pixels.com/profiles/27-alan-smith/shop ) If not and you have over 10 .....and they've been up over a week, got prices and are not in a passworded folder, please let me know.

As it says on the pricing pages, non-household items are on http://pixels.com and premium sites only

See my thread on specifics of images and how to be found both here and in Google.
https://fineartamerica.com/showmessages.php?messageid=4861127 Easy to read (hopefully) and you can get fast answers to questions on that thread.

You can change the name or title which appears on your profile by logging in and going Behind the Scenes | CONTACT INFORMATION (see attachment)

All your tools are in that area. I always suggest taking a while to just look around and see what you can do. Instructions are on each page.

If you want just one name, put it in the first name area and then put a space in the last name area

If you need the link changed, then you need us to do that using the email on the account. We will check and, if nobody else has it, we can do that for you straight away.

No capital letters, or characters apart from a dash (-) and please keep to under 20 letters (inc dashes)

Let us know if this is what you need using the email on the account

Search pages will take 24 hours to catch up with the change if you already appear there


Mike Savad

11 Days Ago

that is a very common name. you should change your name to something else on here or it will be very hard to find you. beyond that read what abbie wrote.

----Mike Savad



11 Days Ago

Abbie, thank you for this help Abbie, I am reading over this information and as soon as I discover what I'm missing I will correct that, and if I still need further assistance I will contact you with the information you shared with me. Thank you once again. Alan


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