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Ronald Walker

11 Days Ago

Hairy Night

The MOMA has been closed for renovations. Reopened for reporters and such, public will be soon. A reporter spotted a hair on Van Gogh’s painting “Starry Night”. This is why I could never be some type of museum curator, the smallest mistake and there is trouble, especially when working with more famous works!

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Abbie Shores

11 Days Ago

a hair? OMG end of of the world :-|


Mario Carta

11 Days Ago

The horror of it all, imagine a hair! Well I could never be a curator either Ronald, in fact just the other day I did an outdoor art exhibition and took all of my sculptures outdoors to the light of day. I had some spider webs on some works and dust and some of my air dry clay sculptures became unstable in the cold air and actually had some of the more delicate pieces break off.

I have vowed not to make any more clay sculptures , even some of my copper sculptures I noticed some damage to them.

My solution is to continue with the mild steel sculptures which can take a lot of abuse, but even so, there are other ambient concerns like moisture which can accelerate the rusting on some pieces I don't really want rust on. Oh, what an imperfect world we live in!

That's actually the title of one of my newest steel sculptures, "Imperfect World", I really just want to make sculptures that don't need so much pampering that have the potential to out live me. I think steel is that element, it's relatively hard, heavy,super strong, and it gets a nice natural rustic patina without any coatings or paint added to them. I clean them with a steel wire brush.

This is my new Brutalist approach to art. :-) Did I go off topic?


Rich Franco

11 Days Ago


Was the hair GRAY??? I've been looking for mine now for a few years!!!



David Manlove

11 Days Ago

Perfection is a great thing to work toward but rarely achieved. It's the flawed, the imperfect, the human element that actually makes it great. In my opinion.


Ronald Walker

11 Days Ago

Rich, yes it was! Could it be your lost hair?


Roger Swezey

11 Days Ago


RE:...." It's the flawed, the imperfect, the human element that actually makes it great."

That must make all my work GREAT!

Especially in regards to hair.....For I always use cheap disposable brushes


Stars on Art

11 Days Ago

It's logical that a place like MOMA, that gives a wall to beautiful, uplifting works like this one, is worried about a hair.

But if they found a hair in this masterpiece, they'd also have to call a janitor.


Laura Fasulo

11 Days Ago

I wonder if the offending hair will be DNA tested.

I recently saw a great video discussing Van Gogh's Starry Night at MoMA. Besides the interesting commentary the closeups of the brushwork are wonderful.


Carmen Hathaway

11 Days Ago


*Edit -- I see Laura posted same notion while I was composing my post. Enjoying this video -- thanks + + +   !

Could be the start of a truly original Van Gogh.

If it's one of his -- if possible -- extract the DNA -- make an original Van Gogh.

On a gallery visit years ago -- my husband noticed a hair embedded in the paint on one of our favourite artists original paintings.

Whether it was his hair, or paint brush bristle -- either way, it was something to see.


Roger Swezey

11 Days Ago

RE:..."Starry Night" Video

I suppose it's due to reading so many of Mike's critiques, but I couldn't help noticing a thin strip of unpainted canvas exposed on a portion of both the left side and right side of the painting....I would have thought that MOMA would have reduced the size of the exposed piece that minuscule bit, or increase the size of the frame to have the full length of both sides unpainted.

By the way, I would never have been so picky, if wasn't for this forum.

And also it seems that the prints of "Starry Night" on sale here on FAA have a "clean" crop on each side


Laura Fasulo

10 Days Ago


I noticed that too. I guess MoMA did not want to cover any of Van Gogh's work to even up the sides. If it's ok with Van Gogh, it's ok with me.


RD Erickson

10 Days Ago

I'm with Abbie - the end of the world.


Tessa Jones

10 Days Ago

I saw the heading of the thread on the discussion page and being in a rather funny mood I had to laugh.. and then I thought hang on maby he means something terrible or nail biting happened and lo what did I find?
A hair


Jim Whalen

10 Days Ago

"Well clutch my pearls!"


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