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Douglas Brown

11 Days Ago

Puzzle N Art

I put this idea out awhile ago, it’s intention is to mix Puzzles and Art. It looks good on a print, 20by14 throw pillow and a mug (puzzle mug) but not sure if it works. So let’s give it a go😱
These puzzles are unique to me. I’m looking for a 10 letter word that is associated with the word Puzzle😳 There are 8 RED letters in the design, you can only use two of the RED Letters twice (10 in total) to solve the puzzle😉

What is the word?

The 2nd part of this Puzzle is to create up to 10 random words using all 10 Letters, you score 1point per Letter and 15 points for getting the 10 Letter word correct.

How high can you score?

And if you’d like to buy a mug to test your friends that would be awesome 👍

Answers on this post please, just for fun👍

Press next for more Puzzles👍

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Abbie Shores

11 Days Ago

Clever :-)


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