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Mendelex Photography

10 Days Ago

How To Remove Unused Tab Headers On My Page?

Hi all,

I tried searching for an answer in the past discussions and I didn't find anything, so I'll just write the question as a new discussion :).

How can I remove the unused tab headers on my personal page, please see attached image (e.g. Blogs, Press etc.)? I was looking to find a way in the "Behind the
Scenes" sections but couldn't find anything.

I have seen few artists which I follow that they have removed some of the tabs, so I'm curious how that was done.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help,

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Tina Lewis

10 Days Ago

Hi Mendelex,

I think only you will see Blogs & Press on your page if they are empty of content - they don't show up when I view your page.

Tina Lewis
Original Art Canvas Prints


Mike Savad

10 Days Ago

you can't. its not that customizable. best to just put something there. though tina may be right you may see it because your logged in. it might be hidden to others?

because all i see is:

Images Collections Shop Favorites Following Groups About and the lollipop.

----Mike Savad


Gill Billington

10 Days Ago

As Tina said, if you have nothing in those tabs then visitors will not see them. They remain there for you to view when logged in in case you want to add something at a later date.


Mendelex Photography

10 Days Ago

Hi Tina, Mike, Gill,

thanks a lot for your replies. It does make sense now that they are not visible to other users if there is nothing available there.

And I'm glad about it, since I don't like to have anything which is not useful for the browsers/customers.

Have a great day/evening :),


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