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AnnMarie Parson-McNamara

10 Days Ago

Help With A Sale Client Cannot Purchase?

i have a client who wants to buy a shower curtain of one of my images, but she cannot get the sale to go through, and had tried 2 valid credit cards
does anyone know what could be the problem?
does she have to have an "account" with FAA?
she is using a link to a shower curtain i posted..

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David Smith

10 Days Ago

She needs to contact customer service.



Matthias Hauser

10 Days Ago

Hi AnnMarie,

what David wrote. If you log out of your FAA account before using the link above you will see a phone number ("phone support 24 hours per day 7 days a week").

Good luck, hope the sale goes through!

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Chance Kafka

10 Days Ago

I almost lost a sale because of this. I worked with the customer and determined she was putting in the full state instead of the two-letter abbreviation (i.e. you have to put in AZ.) I've had people order without accounts so I don't think it's that, see if the state abbreviation works


Peggy Collins

10 Days Ago

Problems are often due to the address being input in a way that FAA doesn't accept (as Chance mentions above). Is your customer getting a message that's something like "Something's wrong"? If so, make sure she isn't putting in a PO box, or any symbols (like #), etc. Go over the address with a fine tooth comb, in other words.


Shana Rowe Jackson

10 Days Ago

I had an issue like this recently too, I was told by Abbie that it could also happen if a customer accidentally puts a space after they type in their name because the system sees that as a symbol. It would appear that the system is really picky about things. It's quite frustrating as this person had bought from me before with no issues and then all of a sudden had an issue and couldn't complete the sale, they tried three or four times and got so frustrated that they didn't come back, so I lost that sale.


Mike Savad

10 Days Ago

it could be her browser maybe? or some kind of adblocker in place. some sites i had to use a different browser to get the thing to go through, just wouldn't let me.

----Mike Savad


Mike Breau

10 Days Ago

If I recall properly, when mine didn't take, it was because credit cards use the middle initials and there is no place for middle initial, so I have to include it with a space in 1st name box.


Mike Savad

10 Days Ago

what messed me up like 5 times, was when i thought i had a mastercard (the company used to be a mastercard), but now its a visa. and i chose the wrong one. but the site didn't tell me that was the bad part. until i figured it out, i couldn't buy anything. it might be as silly as that. or they put the wrong date or code in. or they didn't use their full name like it was written on the card.

----Mike Savad


Michael Hoard

10 Days Ago

Hello Ann, hope your issue is soon to be resolved, congrats and the best of continued success here at Fine Art America/Pixels with your extraordinary and masterful gallery!!!! Let your client know to review all her input information is exact.....

Cheers, Michael


thanks everyone i havent heard back from her yet today to see if it went through, i will mention all that you all have told me.


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