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Moira Risen

6 Days Ago

Pinterest - Which One Is Best To Pin: Acrylic, Metal, Canvas, Framed Or Art Print?

Question for Pinterest users:
In your experience, which type of print - acrylic, metal, canvas, framed or art print - does best on Pinterest? I mean mainly engagement: saves, clickthroughs and sales.
Is it worth to pin all type of prints, or you do it just because the more pin the more exposure?
Do people search for different type of prints?

Additional question: what about mock up pins? Do they perform better than print pins?

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Elisabeth Lucas

6 Days Ago

I have definitely made sales from Pinterest just using our "regular" image. But recently I have started posting different types of pins, eg canvas print, etc for the following reasons:

1. People may not know it is for sale as different types of wall art or products.
2. People may follow all of your boards or just some of them. So if you pin the same image as different types of wall art to different boards, you will reach a larger audience.

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For example, this one you could pin on as an art print on a "Winter" board, as a canvas print on a "Children's Room" board, as an acrylic print on a "Penguin" board, as a metallic print on a "bird" board and as a wood print on a "blue" board, etc.

I have no idea what people search for, for me the most popular boards are my fractal board and my purple board.

I'm just starting with the mock up prints, not sure yet. But video pins do get a lot of repins.


Moira Risen

5 Days Ago

Hi Elisabeth,
thanks for your answer, it made me realize I need to clarify my question.

I agree with all of your points and your strategy - I'm trying to pin my images in a similar system. I pin the same image to more boards and I adjust the descriptions according to the board. To stick with the image you used as an example: on a winter board I use keywords for winter landscapes, on a bird board everything related to penguins and arctic environment etc., and I mention at the end of the text the availability as acrylic, metal etc. print.

My question is specifically about the images we use for the pins. I'm not sure the acrylic/metal/framed versions of the images are worth pinning, because of the tilted angle/view they display the image. In my opinion, they look weird and not so nice in the feed or among the other 'normal' images, and - as a 'regular' pinterest user, who's just after ideas or nice images - I certainly wouldn't pin any of them to a not print related board, like birds, winter, etc. Even if I was up to buy an acrylic print and searching for the keyword, I would rather pin a normal image about the piece I intend to buy, where the work itself can be seen.

It was actually Matthias' repin thread that made me realize that: I wanted to pin the promoted pins of others to my themed boards (winter, bird etc.), but couldn't because they look just weird and out of the place, so I ended up pinning them to a Prints of other artists kind of a board.

But it might be just me, and maybe I'm wrong and pins with the images of printed versions might be popular and useful for promotion - that's why I asked.


Moira Risen

5 Days Ago

I'm closing this thread because Matthias just opened a new general Pinterest discussion and I think it's better to have all related answers in one thread.



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