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Murray Bloom

5 Days Ago

Mind Blown - Off Topic

A couple of years ago, I shot this picture of Pat Brown, guitarist for the local band, "The Stents." I thought he was a really good musician, but that was as far as it went:

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Tonight, I stumbled across this. Seems to be a versatile guy:

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The band is Baltimore based, and is where Johns Hopkins is located. Maybe the band's medical-oriented name should have been a clue. Never saw this coming, though.

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Abbie Shores

5 Days Ago

We never know who people are by the persona they want us to see


Janine Riley

5 Days Ago

A very cool dude indeed.

Pediatric Specialists are some of the most awesome people in the world.


I guess he likes to make money too...


Mary Bedy

5 Days Ago

That's very cool! I love to see what hidden talents or professions people have. I've even started a thread about it a time or two because I like to see what people do when they are not lurking around in here. I seem to remember there are a couple of rocket scientists among us. Not literally, but you know, similar professions.

This guy obviously is not a couch potato!


Murray Bloom

5 Days Ago

One thing I've observed is how people who excel in one field are also great in others. They often appear to have multi-faceted capabilities.


Mary Bedy

5 Days Ago

That's true, Murray. It's sometimes a matter of natural talent, but also the ability to concentrate and learn new disciplines. People who can't settle in and concentrate have issues learning to do anything well. Plus you can't be super lazy, obviously.


Toni Saddler-French

4 Days Ago

That's a great story, and he seems quite diverse and talented. It's great to see vibrant people in multiple roles, and it's cool you saw a different side of him.

I learned recently that Brian May of Queen earned a PhD in astrophysics and was a "science team collaborator" with NASA's New Horizons Pluto mission.

Thanks for sharing!


Doug Swanson

3 Days Ago

Cool. I've often assumed that doctors need to have some sort of alter ego to deal with what they see all the time, especially a guy who deals with really sick kids. Is that Hampden in the background?


Murray Bloom

3 Days Ago

That's an interesting take, Doug.

Yep, I took the pic at Hampdenfest.


Peggy Collins

3 Days Ago

He definitely looks like a force to be reckoned with. Reminds me of Henry Rollins. Rock on, doc!


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