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Hansruedi Ramsauer

5 Days Ago

Where Can I Buy The Products From My Designs?


It might be a dumb question but I don't see where I can buy the products with my designs.

For example this one:


Where are the products?

Thanks for your help



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Rich Franco

5 Days Ago


Welcome! Nice work! Here is a thread you probably should read, about pricing and structuring the pricing correctly. Lots of good info there from your fellow artists.....


Good Luck!



Jessica Jenney

5 Days Ago

You can go behind the scenes to bulk image editor and fill in your prices for wall art and whatever products you wish to sell. If you don't want to sell any products then leave the price blank.

Default settings should also be filled in for future uploads. That way the prices will be filled in when you upload new work.


Vevine Goldson

5 Days Ago

Thanks Jessica for that information.


Hansruedi Ramsauer

5 Days Ago

Thanks to all for the infos!


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