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Abbie Shores

4 Days Ago

Image Trivia 2020 - Chickens

This is a Trivia Image Thread.

CHICKEN Image Trivia


1. Remember you only get to answer one of the questions or your answers will all be ignored through the post.

2. If you guess once and are wrong then you cannot answer again this thread UNLESS it is a 'trick question' which will be clearly designated as one.

3. Only the first correct answer is awarded the points

New Rules:

4. If you answer one of the following correct and get points below then you will not be awarded points on the next days play (We wish to give every one a fair shot) Your names will be marked clearly so you can see but feel free to join in.

5. Trivia is 1 point per day. If I miss a day I will play catch-up with the points so we get the 365 points in for the year. Please feel free to add images to the thread with, or without discussion or answers, during that week

6. I am looking for specific answers. If you have not given those, even if nearly correct, you do not get points.


2 points each

a. How many time (on average) does a chicken turn her eggs?

-----Matthias Hauser - 50 times-----

b. Chickens have great memories. Did you know they can remember around ___ faces?

-----Lindley Johnson - 100-----

c. Do chickens mourn?

-----Jessica Jenney - Yes, indeed they do -----

d. To settle an argument, a guy once counted a chickens feathers to see how many they had. How many did it have?

-----Sandi OReilly - 8325 -----

e. What is the common name for the social hierarchy of chickens?

-----Jim Whalen - Pecking Order----


ONE image per post
Let someone else post before posting again
GOOGLE needs words, he is the blind viewer USE DESCRIPTIONS OR WE WILL REMOVE YOUR IMAGE


One main winner for 2020 who will win how ever many points they won in USD gift voucher for the site when trivia ends in December

So if you get every single question right that's over $150 in FAA/Pixels gift voucher

Have fun

Do not win points this round

1 Sharon Popek
2 Tibor Tivadar Kui
3 Mo
4 Jodi DiLiberto
5 Diane Zucker


1 Sharon Popek 12
2 Tibor Tivadar Kui 12
3 Mo 12
4 Jodi DiLiberto 12
5 Diane Zucker

Reply Order


Jessica Jenney

4 Days Ago

C Do chickens mourn?

Yes chickens are also known to display mourning behavior when another chicken in the flock dies, and they will show signs of depression if they are removed from the flock and placed in solitary quarters.


Lindley Johnson

4 Days Ago

Trivia B Chickens can remember more than 100 faces!


Sandi OReilly

4 Days Ago

D. 8325 feathers on a Plymouth Rock chicken.


Tibor Tivadar Kui

4 Days Ago

Answer to e.) : The social hierarchy of chickens is called pecking order.
"The pecking order is a natural process that chickens have to work out among themselves. This order of social dynamics determines the status of individual birds of a flock and their roles. The pecking order has an influence on many chicken activities such as feeding, drinking, egg laying, roosting, crowing, mating and even dust bathing. Stronger members of a flock are ranked at the top of the pecking order, while more submissive or physically weaker birds are placed lower in the order. Alpha roosters who are healthy will crow to signal their dominance to the other chickens and often take on the job as head of the flock. Roosters who are the flock leader will look out for the hens by watching for predators, find them treats, mating and chasing other roosters away from the hens. Roosters and cockerels lower in the pecking order do not crow or breed with hens when the rooster higher than they are is around. Hens high in the pecking order are known to chase other hens out of nest boxes that they favor. The higher ranking chickens get to eat more while the lower ranking members usually wait or move out of the way until the higher placed chickens have had their fill. Chickens with higher status in the pecking order get to choose where they will roost, leaving the other chickens to take whatever roosts are left."


Matthias Hauser

4 Days Ago

Trivia A: about 50 times a day


Tibor Tivadar Kui

4 Days Ago

Rudy, a male mackerel tabby (see him below) loves chickens, especially roasted ones.
Sell Art Online


Jim Whalen

4 Days Ago

e. What is the common name for the social hierarchy of chickens? Pecking Order


Robert Holden

4 Days Ago

Sorry for the double post


Robert Holden

4 Days Ago

This is an image of a trivial oil on canvas painting of a porcelain rooster figurine and two eggs.that occupied my attention for a couple of mornings.

I learn from the Internet that a rooster is just a chicken, after all. "A rooster is a male gallinaceous bird which is also known as a cockerel or cock, with cockerel being younger and rooster being an adult male chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus). ... The rooster is polygamous, but cannot guard several nests of eggs at once." I'm sure foxes are aware of that!

Art Prints


Roosters always have Chickens on their mind :D

Rooster Art Prints by Carlin Blahnik

Bird Art Print from an Original Watercolor Painting. A rooster needs to be colorful to attract hens. This male has iridescent blue & brown feathers, a large red cockscomb on his head & red wattles & spurs under his beak. Long, shiny golden hackle feathers on his neck & saddle are puffed up to impress his potential mate.
"Rooster" refers to an adult male chicken. This name didn’t appear until 1772. Before that, an adult male chicken was called a "cock".


Becky Titus

4 Days Ago

A young and resourceful chicken with moderately leafy eyebrows and beautifully ruffled feathers casts a wide-eyed gaze upon the myriad of potential amusements available in such a colorful confetti-swirled barnyard and on such a warm and sunny day.

Count Your Chicken by Becky Titus


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