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Mary Lillie

7 Days Ago

Image Size

Do images have to be between 10 MP and 25 MP? I have a JPEG file, 3600 x 2400, 1.09 MP. Will this print well?

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Jessica Jenney

7 Days Ago

The only thing that matters is the pixel dimension. The MP isn't important. The image quality is what counts.


Chuck De La Rosa

7 Days Ago

What Jessica says is correct. I have a few 4 mp images from my first digital camera that I have sold prints from.

Zoom in on your computer to 100%. make sure everything is clean and sharp.


Rich Franco

7 Days Ago



Rule of thumb here is that an image will print up to it's longest dimension divided by 100. So all things being equal, your image of 2400 x3600 should be able to make a good-sized print, up to 36" wide! With that said, if the original capture isn't perfect then might be rejected by the printers, if sold.

Take a close look at the image, on a large monitor, if possible and see if you have any doubts, leave BLANK, not zeros, for the larger sizes if you have questions about the overall quality.



Mary Lillie

7 Days Ago

Thank you everyone! Please disregard my next question. I wrote it before I saw this answer. Thanks, Tiffany


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