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Delphimages Photo Creations

7 Days Ago

Sold Image Disappears From The Search

I have a panorama of Montreal that I uploaded in October and was on page 2 or 3 for a search on 'Montreal'.
I sold it a few days ago and found it yesterday on page 1 (happy!) followed by my other images of Montreal.
But today it is gone and is nowhere to be found while my other images are still at the same place. The panorama appears only if I add another word to the search.

Is it another problem of cache or server ? I would understand if the image had came back to its previous position or if it was an image uploaded recently but it is not the case.


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Elisabeth Lucas

7 Days Ago

I had opened a thread about this before. I was going to copy and paste the link, but I can't find it. Maybe Abbie deleted it. (Sorry if you didn't, Abbie!).


Bradford Martin

7 Days Ago

You can speculate all you want but you will never get a definitive answer on the exact working of the search algorithm. And also there is a thread Sean put up to let you know that what you see is not going to be the same as hat someone else may see. I guess you may get a boost in the search right after a sale and then other factors come in to play. Be happy you made a sale and that you were high ranked for a little bit. Also remember there is a search sort by "recently sold",so you might want to try that and feel a little better about how you rank.


Sold images don't disappear like that. So I guess it's a bug and I would like to know that it will be solved.
Elizabeth, do you remember something about the thread you opened ?


Delphi ... When I searched Montreal, your pano of Montreal sold yesterday shows up on page 1, row 20.


Bradford Martin

7 Days Ago

It didn't "disappear" . I told you how too check if it is in the search by changing the sort to "recently sold." If it is there it is in every other search.

Read this thread.. It is usually pinned to the top of the discussion list. Sean explained a bit about search results. It's not a glitch if you don't rank high.



Thank you HH Photography, this is very good news.

Bradford Martin, there is a bug.
When I search for Montreal, I get 13,363 results and 13,380 when I sort by recently sold.


Mo Barton

7 Days Ago

I searched for "Montreal" and your image is on page one, row 15. :)


Elisabeth Lucas

7 Days Ago

That happened with my images as well. They disappeared and a few days later they showed up by themselves again. I think Mike Savad said this sounds like a server issue.


Elisabeth Lucas

7 Days Ago

Also, Abbie had restored some of my images and some missing images from other artists as well.


Thank you Mo and Elizabeth,

I'm in France so I guess that my results come from a different server.


Bradford Martin

7 Days Ago

When I search for Montreal, I get 13,363 results and 13,380 when I sort by recently sold.

So did you see your image when you sorted by recently sold? Did you read the thread I linked?


Yes, the image is in the recently sold and yes, I read the thread. I remember it very well, Sean wrote it when he implemented the search showing all the products.

But I don't see how it is relevant with my question which was about a bug in the main seach for Montreal.
It seems to be fixed now (I can see my image again) and I will close this.


This discussion is closed.