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Denise Beverly

7 Days Ago

Email Through Pixels Probably A Scam

From a Tracy Lo. Starts out "You can now get a complete list of all your website visitors within the last 12 months using the new Web Leads 3.0 Extension."

searched topics but didn't see this one listed in the forum.

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Mary Bedy

7 Days Ago

Or they could be selling an app or something.... did you try googling "Web Leads 3.0"?

Off to look....

It appears there may be some kind of add-on for Google Analytics called "Web Leads 3.0" but the way this is phrased and because you got it through the FAA/Pixels mail system, gut feeling is ignore it. Just my opinion, of course.


Denise Beverly

7 Days Ago

i will be ignoring it, just wanted to let people know it was coming through a pixels email.


Mike Savad

7 Days Ago

at least that sounds interesting all i get are bike shifter influencers? or something like that. at least every other day.

----Mike Savad


Chance Kafka

7 Days Ago

I wouldn't say it is a scam per se, just sounds like cold email advertising. Thanks for the heads up.


Edward Fielding

6 Days Ago

Well, it made a few people look. Mission accomplished.


Chuck De La Rosa

6 Days Ago

X2 what Edward said. That's what spam is all about. Get one out of 10k to bite and your golden.

At least she isn't looking for a date. Or your bank account and routing number.


Don Northup

6 Days Ago

If it's Fastbase Web Leads 3.0 it could be a legit cold email, it could be an affiliate's cold email, or it could be a spammer using Web Leads 3.0 verbiage as bait for something nefarious. You can probably get some tells by looking at the return email address and the email header.





Tibor Tivadar Kui

5 Days Ago

Probably spyware.


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