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Lee Barclay

1 Month Ago

Links To Sell Individual Products

I want to find a way to link to an individual product. As much a benefit that POD is (Print On Demand)
I think to many choices leads to confusion.
So I want to be able to link to products individually. If I want to sell one of my designs as a coffee mug.
I do not want to distract the buyer I have focused my marketing on to see paintings and pillows etc.
Just my coffee mug, with my design on it. Is this possible?
The biggest obstacle so far is to many choices to promote from 1 link or ad campaign. I want to be able to
promote it individually, My choice of mug, pillow, artwork, size, frame, mat etc. I have not been successful doing this.
Does anyone know if it is possible with a regular Pixels account or even the upgraded website option?
I hope my question is clear if not I will do my best to explain, so feel free to ask me anything...
I started a blog on Pixels about Google My Business. This is where my question began. I am trying to create links from
my Google My Business website to my designs on pixels, yet I have not been able to create the individual link to
put on my Google My Business website. If I can figure this out it may benefit others because Google offers the website
for free... At least it is for now... So anyone on a budget may be able to do what I am trying to do on Google. I think they
will give advertising advantage (SEO) to those with Google My Business websites... Not certain of this however before I can
validate it I need to be able to create individual links.... Please advise!

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Travel Pics

1 Month Ago

Hi Lee,

Go to the product page you like and grab the link.

Sydney Opera House Coffee Mug



🌎 Michel
📷 Photos.TravelNotes.org


Edward Fielding

1 Month Ago

Wish it were possible.

Online marketing is often oriented to a single product impulse buy. It would be great to be able to promote an individual product. Even a standard framed print, throw pillow, t-shirt etc.

Especially with a "click here to buy" button, with no distractions.


Travel Pics

1 Month Ago

Sydney Coffee Mugs


Jay Heifetz

14 Days Ago

Similar to what Lee wanted to do, I want to send visitors to a specific image, too, but when I copy the link that's on the Collections page for the specific image, all of the selection boxes have defaulted to "all," but the first one, "Products." only really shows all available products when you also click on the box. How can I send customers to a page for a specific image that shows all available products without having them have to click anything once they arrive?

Also, I currently have two collections uploaded and only want to display the key images from each on the Collections area under the home page slide show, but the two key images appear on the far left and far right with a huge gap in the middle; how can I get them to display next to each other at the centre of the page?



You don't give the customer much intelligence, do you


Jeff Folger

14 Days Ago

You can do it to the collection page of just mugs (put any item in there) and share the URL at the top of the page. https://vistaphotography.pixels.com/collections/vermont+scenic+photography/coffee+mugs

If you only want to share the image and link to a single mug go to the mug and pull the URL again and post that, in FB it will even pull the mug image.

good luck


Lee Barclay

14 Days Ago

Douglas Brown I clicked your link and it seemed to solve the the big part of the issue.... Thank you. However could you please explain how you did it.
The other links I clicked led back to the the problem I was talking about... Dougs link led to a purchase option for just the pillow he was marketing.
This is something that I think benefits those who want to market 1 product at a time.
Also I got a related Art business email... Talking about how the Virus is affecting galleries etc and that in general support for online sales of Art will become more popular.
This is good news for those established online art sites.
Be Safe Be Well...


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