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Vanaja's Fine Art -

19 Days Ago

Text Description On Pen And Ink Watercolour Sketches - Include? Or Don't Include?

Hi everyone,

I have done a number of watercolour pen and ink sketches, and since these are mostly done in sketchbooks, I write what it is, or where it was sketched, right next to the sketch. Sometimes I sketch them as part of a sketching challenge, so it will also say #101-81, #101-82, and so on.

What do you think of posting photos of these in FAA to make prints available? Bad idea? If someone wants to buy a print, do they generally prefer without anything written on the print?

To give you couple of examples :

I have a sketch that says:
Day 7 of 31, FoodieDelight -->
Calabrese Bread, garlic rub, Avocado

From Hotel Vittoria's

(I attached a picture of a sketch, but not sure if it will show)
Thank you.

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Oh yes.. Add them as-is! I'm sure people would love them


Movie Poster Prints

19 Days Ago

I cannot imagine many buyers would want the writing on these images.

Your posted sample is very nice and should interest homeowners and restaurants alike – but without the writing.

Just use a program such as Photoshop to crop your image to center and erase or cover the writing.

David Dehner


Tina Lewis

19 Days Ago

Personally I think the writing adds to the charm but maybe you could consider putting two versions up.


Roger Swezey

19 Days Ago

I was prepared to have a negative opinion, but when I went through your, and agreeing with Tina, Charming portfolio, I firmly agree to keep the wording, for they become an integral part of the painting

Your handwriting has a charm of its own


Bill Tomsa

19 Days Ago

Interesting you should just post this today, as I came across a pen & ink sketch today that I did years ago of Bass Harbor Headlight and I faced the same question as it has a notation at the bottom.


I thought at first I might crop the notation out but the more I looked at it the more I thought it would be a good idea to leave it in, which is what I did.

To me it's a case by case thing. Some images might be enhanced while others, for whatever reason, you might want to crop out.

Bill Tomsa



Thank you everyone for your feedback...very useful & encouraging. Moving forward I think I'll take two pictures - with & without text if I really like the sketch.

(David...unfortunately my Photoshop skills are very minimal - so removing text is not something I know how to do😩)



Movie Poster Prints

19 Days Ago


Photoscape is very easy to learn and it is free - I have used it for years




As just mentioned, Photoscape is free and a tiny learning curve


I do have Photoshop, and I'm able to do simple stuff like adjusting the photo. I then learnt to lay signature over it (some of my earlier images had a signature issue) - took me forever to learn that 😆

I'll look into Photoscape! Thank you for the suggestion - never heard of it.



Jodi DiLiberto

19 Days Ago

Your watercolor is wonderful, and I think the text is an interesting part if it!


Upload and offer them both ways - with and without the text. I, personally, would not purchase with the text but I'm also sure that some will would love it that way.


Roger Swezey

19 Days Ago


I had just started to download Photoscape from their approved site, and was immediately brought to My Login Helper with a large "Continue" tab.

Causing me to cancel everything


Roger Swezey

19 Days Ago


RE:..." I, personally, would not purchase with the text but I'm also sure that some will "

Well, I would

And just have.

Buying this delightful image

Sell Art Online

as a mug


Susan Rissi Tregoning

18 Days Ago

I'm a fan of your work. I love the handwritten titles, but I dislike the image # on there.
Having said that, I don't think I'd let that keep me from posting these, they are wonderful!


Testing - (I've been trying to post here for over half an hour - I keep getting bounced out to FAA's Home page).

So this worked...I'll try my message again:

Oh my…I woke up from my afternoon nap…and I discovered I have a little surprise!
Aww…Roger…thank you, that’s very sweet of you! I hope you enjoy your coffee in it! Have you been to Malta?

Susan – thank you, I’m happy you like them – the # is part of a (self-imposed) challenge – but I’ll keep that in mind & start eliminating the # in future. I’m thinking that it’s not necessary.

Bill Tomsa – that’s a lovely sketch…so yes, on case-by-case basis.

Jodi, Tina, Unofficial Abbie – thank you.

Bill Swartwout – I totally understand, believe me!

So what I’m taking away from this discussion is, have two versions – with & without. The only problem is…I’m running out of storage memory on my 500 GB computer …so for now I’ll evaluate them on a case-by-case basis!

Big thank you!



Lori Irving

17 Days Ago

This is the first time I've seen your work and it is beautiful. I love the colors combined and how your sketching looks detailed yet simple. I appreciate the insignia on the side. To me, this is honoring the Artist since the History I read had been too challenging for them in many avenues. I appreciate all of this conversation and glad you received great feedback already Vanaja!!


George Moore

17 Days Ago

I've seen your work on Instagram, I save and tag most of them to my favorites there. Great work. The text beside the art doesn't bother me.


Lori, George - Thank you for your feedback, it is so helpful. (George, I never knew one could save & tag work on Instagram - see I learnt something new! Thank you!)

As artists I think we all struggle with our doubts at some point or the other, and I got my share of it last month when two major art shows that I applied to for the first time (online entries/pay fees) - all my entries got rejected. These were mostly acrylic landscape paintings.
So my doubts about what the hell I was doing, surfaced. I realize I'm "all over the place" --> acrylics, oils, watercolour sketches - stick to one medium, I tell myself, but alas! I don't! 😊.



Roger Swezey

16 Days Ago


RE:...." "all over the place" -vs. - stick to one medium

To me, as a creative individual, one can't limit that creativity.

What "Rocks Your Boat" must be the way to go, even if it lands you all over the place.


George Moore

16 Days Ago


There is a Heart icon on the left of the IG post and a bookmark icon on the right side. I do both most of the time. You can actually save the posts in your own private folders for viewing again and again.


Roger...you are right...because I can't help myself doing different things...I think I enjoy the "feel" of the different mediums so much. But hell, it makes for one expensive hobby!😀

George...I know the heart icon of course, but I had no idea the other was a bookmark....it's too funny, I just checked my a/c properly and discovered that inadvertently I have a few of my own "bookmarked" 😀

Thank you.



Stop worrying about what other people say...

'stick to only one medium'

Do what YOU want to do. You're the artist

Just make sure you have little bodies of work in each that you try


"Just make sure you have little bodies of work in each that you try" --> very helpful advice! I'll keep that in mind.

Thank you.


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