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Mike Savad

15 Days Ago

Looking For A Free Movie Editor

i was using microsofts movie program, but its very old and it needs runtime libraries not compatible with windows 10. i need something simple to use, that can join movie files together, speed them up, and add sound.

is there anything like that - that is free?

i want to try making colorizing movies again, but i need something to edit with.


----Mike Savad

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Mario Carta

15 Days Ago

Wondershare by Filmora Mike, they have a free version but it's water marked. I use the paid version it does 4K and best of all it's feature packed and easy to use.


Jack Torcello

15 Days Ago

Photoshop or Virtual Dub (VDub)


Andy Fraser

11 Days Ago

I understand completely. I’ve been using the free Windows Live Essentials Movie Maker for years. It’s so great and easy to use. I use the touchpad on my I7 laptop while sitting in my recliner. Easy! I’ve made HD videos on it that are shown in museums!

HOWEVER, I recently bought a new I7 with a beautiful 4K screen. Tried to install the same free program, but Microsoft has discontinued the program. It’s not available anymore so, like you, I’m on the hunt.


Moira Risen

11 Days Ago

you could take a look at the VideoPad editor:

I've been using the free version for a while, it knows everything you mentioned you need (even a lot more, lots of transitions and effects etc.). It has both timeline and storyboard editing and lots of useful how to videos on youtube. Adds no watermark when exporting - in fact the only major restriction compared to the paid version is that you can't export in mov or mp4, so if you need these formats you have to export first in something else (like avi) and convert it.


Chuck De La Rosa

7 Days Ago

Mike this might be what you are looking for:



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