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Jeff Folger

14 Days Ago

The Drop Down Is Broken Again

Hey Abbie the drop down for behind the scenes is gone again...

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Mark Tisdale

14 Days Ago

Jeff - _might_ help narrow things down by saying what browser/OS you're on. I'm on Windows 10 Chrome and it's working for me, FWIW.


Don Northup

14 Days Ago

It's working for me --> W10 on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. For whatever reason, I am having trouble logging in with Brave.



I'm in Android and it's fine


Toby McGuire

14 Days Ago

It was broken for me last night but working fine today.


VIVA Anderson

14 Days Ago

Fine now W10, Chrome


Jeff Folger

14 Days Ago

Sorry I went for a walk in the woods...

I'm in windows 10 and chrome. I click on name and there is no drop down. I click on my name and it gives me my collection page...

Also in android it did not work...

I will check it in edge and safari...

Current version of Edge is the same. I hover over my name and blue line appears but waiting does not produce the drop down...

And now while I'm writing this I just hovered over my name ane it dropped down... (back in Chrome)

And after Chrome started working I went back to Edge and putting the cursor over my did nothing and then it started working...

Seem to be working again... closing

Thanks Abbie...


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