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Rose Elaine

2 Months Ago

What Are Your Thoughts/experiences With Holiday-themed Artwork?

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decor is saturated. Is trying to find unique and interesting artwork for holidays worth the effort? What are your tips? Do you Draw/paint/photograph the typical images? Do you try to be creative? Do you participate in seasonal themed work?

A lot of questions here but I am interested in Holiday-Themed Artwork and your experiences, expectations, and thoughts

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Abbie Shores

2 Months Ago

I have done some... And actually sold cards last year.

It's all good.


Alfred Ng

2 Months Ago

No, I focus on creating works people wanted hang on the wall year round.


Susan Maxwell Schmidt

2 Months Ago

I'm with Alfred... I wouldn't buy art I could only hang for a short period each year. I have no problem doing winter scenes, I figure they work for everything, including holiday cards. I have a couple Irish-themed pieces of art, and some that would work for Valentine's Day, but I avoid anything holiday specific no matter what the holiday.


Lisa Kaiser

2 Days Ago

I always sell out at my Gallery Underground with my Halloween and Christmas art, but I don't know why. I don't like anything dark scary or overly holiday like.

Here are some images I've done well with.






Lenka Rottova

2 Days Ago

love the holidays. Doing something specific for the holiday is relaxation. And who knows, maybe one day I'll get into some collection of themed postcards. In 2120 they will be in the museum .. :-D

Will you believe this is an unmodified fractal?


Bradford Martin

2 Days Ago

There's nothing typical about Christmas here in Florida, so my holiday images are not typical. I keep an eye out for interesting ways people are celebrating Christmas but that does not translate to sales here, if I even capture something worthy. For example I have a gallery of 'Surfing Santas" and I don't expect any sales, but I am keeping it for those interested in the event, who may find their way here via Google.
My pumpkin photos do very well for stock photos. With the competition in the many thousands I still get regular sales on that although my best shots have been imitated. My airport Christmas trees have also been regular stock sellers. no sales here.



Val Arie

1 Day Ago

I have sold some Christmas Cards in the past - nothing as yet this year. I don't make any special push to make or advertize them - I just make what I feel like making.



Flyske Designs

1 Day Ago

For me personally Christmas is great time, but I guess it depends on what resources you have.

Christmas cards, with the right design. Easy money. Local shops buy bulk, social media. However cards with high commissions is abit pointless.

Christmas pictures as in artwork yeah I’m with some of you. Seems abit pointless unless it’s commercial use


Floyd Snyder

1 Day Ago

I have a ton of holiday oriented artwork, all holidays, both digital and actual inventory I sell on eBay.

Very, very slow sellers. I still create some just for the fun of it but I agree with Alfred: focus on creating works people want to hang on the wall year round.


Chuck Staley

1 Day Ago

I had a customer buy 5201 cards a couple of Christmases ago, so this year I'm starting to create new artwork.

You never know.


Lise Winne

1 Day Ago

Yes. Way too much of it. Full time. 20 years. And more holiday art shows than I can count.

The thing I found after 20 years of it:
- It was not fulfilling in the way painting something meaningful or personal is. I felt vapid, if that makes any sense. Making hundreds of Christmas designs and making thousands of ornaments: what was it doing to my soul?
- I could never enjoy Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even New Year's like most people do. Still can't after paring it all down, or letting designs run out.
- It's frenetic at a time when the weather is bad: driving on slippery roads, having problems delivering due to weather, slipping on the ice with card racks or boxes (ouch!), having a hard time dismantling due to weather (and all the show co-ordinators want you to dismantle on the same day practically, or nearly the same day, either the day after Christmas or the day after New Years ... and they can be pretty insistent that you put their venue ahead of others).
- It's plain exhausting. When other people are feeling warm and fuzzy, and their frenetic time is going into shopping and getting the house ready, you are spending your time shopping AND selling AND driving all over tim-buck-to with your car filled. I never got a full 8 hour sleep from Thanksgiving through New Year's. I was lucky to get 5.

Does it pay? Yes, it does. It can pay a lot. But be careful what you wish for. Right now the temptations pull me as I don't have anything else ramped up enough. I have to respond to the requests this week or next (and actually dread it). I keep thinking it'll be my last year.


Lise Winne

1 Day Ago

I forgot to answer your other questions ...

Yes, creativity and a different approach to ye old, ye old does make a difference in sales.

In my experience, the market is NOT particularly saturated. I could tell you stories ...

Anyway, good luck.


Joseph Skompski

1 Day Ago

I have very little holiday theme work posted here and on stock photo sites. I actually just looked here and on one stock photo site where I upload and I sold one Christmas theme thing ever on this site, and one Christmas theme thing on the stock photo site. I have sold a number of Autumn theme photos and also some Halloween photos.

When I am creating artwork I usually just go out and I shoot photos of what I see, so I don't tend to create content for the holidays intentionally. If it happens then it happens and if I like the results then I will post it.



Caitlyn Grasso

1 Day Ago

I would say that, yes, they can sell. I have sold Christmas images as cards, pillows, shower curtains, t-shirts, and even wall art here and elsewhere.

A friend had an incredible display of a miniature Christmas village, and he was kind enough to let me photograph it. Those images sell--mainly as cards, but occasionally, as something else.
Examples: https://fineartamerica.com/saleannouncement.html?id=c2d3dcdecd865e829fd86ad04cee86a8


I also did some graphics work with an ornate "Joyeux Noel." I've sold those as pillows, totes and t-shirts here and elsewhere:

They are as likely to sell as any of my other works which, unfortunately, isn't saying all that much! ;)

Edit: Unique is important, but this one still hasn't sold. Maybe too different?



Val Arie

1 Day Ago

Rose - You got me thinking about it so created a new one. If it sells I'll donate the profits to the Military Working Dogs rescue my son supports! That would be fun!




Mark Andrew Thomas

1 Day Ago

Well it couldn't hurt to have at least a few holiday themed artworks in a portfolio. I sell a few every year even though it's not my primary genre. It's my favorite time of year and last year I actually took some of my mother's old Department 56 Village pieces and transformed them into winter environments using Photoshop. It was a fun project and brought back some great memories of when she used to set up her holiday villages each year. If they sell it's just a bonus.


Donna Mibus

22 Hours Ago

I sell a surprising number of my holiday designs as prints. I sell some cards, too. I only create designs for the Christmas season because it brings me joy. I wouldn't do it otherwise.
Any sales I make are icing on the cake.

Sell Art Online


Janine Riley

19 Hours Ago

I have quite a few of Winter Holiday themed pieces of Watercolor work , and surprisingly they have sold quite well on decent sized canvas prints - than they do on cards !

I always thought that I would be more of a card seller due to my Illustrative style work - but just a few sets here and there for the holidays .
A bit disappointing in a sense - but I would rather sell a canvas any day !

People want nostalgia - they want to feel at the holiday time like they did growing up.

I must say though that this is my style work and my themes ( I paint memories ) - I would not go out of my way to create Holiday work and then expect it to be successful.

Do what you love.


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