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Abbie Shores

1 Month Ago

June Suggestion Thread

Post kindly Suggestions only. ''DO NOT'' Post your suggestion in the form of a Demand

Do not post site bugs or glitches here.

Limit ''ONE'' Suggestion per person per Month.

This site will not give out email addresses to any members of clients that buys art as that would be a breach of information.

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Bill Swartwout

1 Month Ago

Here's a suggestion to help improve the credibility of FAA.

On the contact us page (https://fineartamerica.com/contactus.html?tab=contactus) there is listed a Corporate Headquarters address of: Fine Art America 2415 N. Geneva Terrace Chicago, IL 60614.

Hasn't headquarters moved to Santa Monica, CA? If someone does a google search on that Illinois addy the resultant "street view" image makes the Corp Headquarters appear to be in a slum-like area of run down buildings, peeling paint and trashcans on the street.

~ Bill
~ www.BillSwartwout.com


Donna Mibus

1 Month Ago

I would love bulk editing of descriptions and tags, for those images we have that are similar. We could edit all of the similar images at once.


Floyd Snyder

1 Month Ago

Please remove the Digital Picture Frame Streaming choice on the upload page if this is never going to happen, and anything else that is not available. That list is long enough and should, imho, be kept as short as possible.

Thank you...


Tibor Tivadar Kui

1 Month Ago

Because I've seen plenty debates regarding the cost of the shipping here is a suggestion: let the artist to have the option to pay for shipping as percentage, separately available for each item...that is the buyer (customer) will cover 0%-100% and the rest will be covered by the artist (deductible from the markup). One could make available that option for some categories and for some not..or even individually. I am sure that is a very good marketing strategy. Ultimately someone will pay for the shipping, however the psychological impact is great on the customer.


Rahdne Zola

1 Month Ago

As a group administrator, I would love to have an option where the medium/media allowed in the group can be selected. Then, when someone arrives at the group homepage, this could be displayed either immediately below the "ABOUT THIS GROUP" header, maybe immediately below the group icon/logo. Another option would be to have its own small box on the side similar to the "ADMINISTRATOR" box. All of this would be part 1 of the suggestion.

This might help ward off submissions of work that do not qualify for the group. I think having to include "Photos Only" or "Watercolor Only" in the group name is messy. I also think that listing the accepted medium/media in the description (written by the administrator) is ineffective.

Part 2 of the suggestion: If the technology would allow for it, we could take this a step further, and the website would only allow group members to submit work to a group if it qualifies based on the category selected by the artist. For example, if I have a group and I select "Drawing" as the acceptable medium, an artist would be unable to submit an image that they have categorized as "Painting" or "Photograph", much like when someone tries to submit more images than the group's daily limit.

Just an idea. This would make the work of an administrator much simpler. I love this site and appreciate all of the improvements made during my time here thus far. =)


Sharon Cummings

1 Month Ago

Please allow us to include a GIFT MESSAGE. It's how people shop now. They buy gifts online and have them shipped directly to their recipient. I got chewed out today on Etsy because I cannot include their message and I should have told them before they bought. Etsy automatically allows people to mark their order as a gift with a message, so there is nothing I can do except always apologize profusely. Some want to cancel their orders. Some are understanding. Some keep the order but get upset. 90% of my sales on Etsy are gifts for others. It would get FAA caught up with our current buying practices. Thank you.


Peggy Collins

1 Month Ago

My suggestion is ditto what Sharon said...gift messages, please.


Susan Rissi Tregoning

1 Month Ago

I was just looking through my WATCHED and GROUP discussion tabs. They are such a nice feature but I realized I never use them because there are over 1000+ threads in each and most of those threads have been closed or are so obsolete that they are of no use to me.

It would be nice if we could easily delete old threads out of our discussion tabs just like we can delete email.


Patti Deters

1 Month Ago

Hello - I would find it handy to be able to sort images from within a collection. Or at least have them sort according to the "all images" view. Thanks for asking (and listening!)


Jessica Jenney

1 Month Ago

I would like the thumbnail images to update immediately or soon after replacing an image with a better version.

It can take up to and beyond a couple of weeks for the thumbnail image to update.

Thank you!


Good morning! If at all possible maybe how twitter in synced to our FAA account, once we post an image to our gallery, it automatically sends it to twitter which is great! is it at all possible to that with Instagram? that would be so much easier :)


Sharon Popek

1 Month Ago

I would like to be able to easily turn off the accessories (pillows, etc). Some images I would like to sell with those and some not. So, I have to go through and manually remove the prices for all of them. I feel like a button would make it much easier to do this.


I would like to be able to offer triptychs without having to upload 3 different images and try to explain in the description that there are 2 other parts....
I see triptychs everywhere on ads, they seem to be very popular.

Triptychs could be added as a new product : the artist upload an horizontal or panoramic image, it is available as regular prints and other products as it is today. And for the new product "triptych", the image is automatically divided in 3 parts.
As it would be a different product than prints with a different mark up, we could remove it from the sale if the image is not suitable for a triptych or if the artist doesn't want it.

I'm not sure if the triptych should be on acrylic, canvas or metal. It could be selected by the customer I guess.


Douglas Brown

1 Month Ago

Seeing threads regarding stolen images and im thinking the FAA watermark is not enough and should be improved with a personalised stamp that would show the name of the artist, the stamp could be a 50% opacity setting, circular and placed in bottom right corner, optional, but i say more effective.

The watermark should be created by FAA as is.

Thoughts and support welcome.


David Manlove

1 Month Ago

Per the discussion regarding how to view all of our group featured images...

I wish we could sort those images how we see fit instead of just the sequential order of each single occurrence by date.

such as a complete list of group features under a single image

and / or the top images with the most features - sequentially from most to least.


Marvin Reinhart

1 Month Ago

The Return Policy page says "If you have any questions about your order, you can call us any time at . We're available 24 hours per day / 7 days per week. Give it a try! Call the number right now, and a friendly customer service representative will pick up in less than 15 seconds."

However, sometime ago the phone number was removed from this page. Having that statement without providing the phone number doesn't do the customer of FAA any good. And, if the customer contacts the artist and the artist doesn't have the number then the customer is upset and the artist and FAA lose a customer. Please, if you provide customer service provide a phone number and give a little confidence to a buyer.


David Manlove

1 Month Ago

Perhaps re-title the sticky thread for "New Members - Start Here" in all caps and bold. So many newbies are apparently not seeing it.

Oops my apologies, I guess I already had my one suggestion for the month...


I agree with Jessica update the thumbnail images sooner! Its taking so long just to get images updated. Thanks!:}


Angie Tirado

1 Month Ago

I don't use FAA's watermarks but after reading another thread, I would like to suggest FAA place a small notation under images noting that fine art america watermarks will not appear on printed products. So if they artist ticks that feature, the notation will show up right under the location of the watermark.

That is all. Thanks Abbie for continuing to provide these threads. :)


Karen Zuk Rosenblatt

1 Month Ago

I ditto Sharon and Peggy about gift messaging. That would be awesome!


Suzanne Luft

1 Month Ago

The option to have a default statement on all images that the watermark will not appear on purchased products.


Mike Savad

1 Month Ago

do not use DHL as a shipping company - ever. that includes the printers of things. they are cheaper for a reason, they take a long time to get things or you may not get things. i have a customer order in limbo because its some place in the system. and on that note, at least for now, don't use the US mail either. i don't want the thought of losing customers because the shipper lost things, or that we saved money by getting a cheaper company.

DHL is ok over seas when you expect things to take a few weeks to get. but within the US? no.

----Mike Savad


Mike Savad

1 Month Ago

this is more of a comment than a suggestion. that 20% discount, i think is more trouble than its worth. while it is creating more sales, its also creating a lot of annoyance in customers. i just read dozens of 1 star reviews calling this site a scam because they couldn't get their 20% discount. or they got it in the email, its good till midnight, then its 5pm and it can't be applied. then they get another note its still going on.

others had it in there and then it vanished when it was time for actually buying it on the end screen. and a lot of those people are irate that the customer service on the phone has no idea what they are talking about.

and because they couldn't use that coupon, they are like super mad and are complaining on every site that has reviews about the store. so i don't know how you can tweak this thing so it appears on all platforms for that day, and not make it so its super random like it is. or make it so its code based enter PIE34565 for a discount. but i think something should be done because a lot of people feel cheated because they didn't get the discount they thought they were going to get. and instead of encouraging a sale, its actually keeping people from coming back to the site because they think its bait and switch.

----Mike Savad


Karen Zuk Rosenblatt

1 Month Ago

It would be great when voting in a contest to have all the images visible and a box to check to vote for each. The way it currently works is you have to manually click to advance to each image. By the time you get to the end (most probably never will) you forget what you saw or wanted to vote for. Much too difficult to vote.


Robert Yaeger

1 Month Ago

For PNG uploads, it would be very helpful to allow the customer to select a background color for PRINTS.


Deborah League

1 Month Ago

If in edit mode we could see more images on the screen at one time, it would be easier to rearrange them. I often like to move images around to change up the customer experience.


Bonnie Mason

1 Month Ago

I would love it if I could somehow just type in the title of one of my paintings (in settings) and have it come up so I could see if I've uploaded it already. A search feature for my own work...sometimes I forget to upload one and have to look through them all to try and check for one....


Gill Billington

1 Month Ago

Bonnie you have a search facility on your main page. It defaults to keywords but you can change it to title, just click on the left of the search box.


Bonnie Mason

1 Month Ago

Thanks, Gill!


Sue Zipkin

25 Days Ago

It's great that there sharing capability to share directly to Facebook, it would be even better if it was more refined. I would like to have the ability to share an individual product on Facebook.

For example:

When I try to share a canvas print or other products I get "3D" as thye image. It would be fabulous to share the individual products as opposed to just the main image/art. Some of the images get cropped in strange ways and there's no way you can reposition them.

I have no idea if this is something on the Facebook software end or something FAA can create in the coding.

Thanks for allowing us to give our feedback.


Susan Maxwell Schmidt

25 Days Ago

I think I may have requested this before but if I did it was a long time ago. Please give us the ability to display more than 50 images at a time when doing a bulk edit. Since CS is complaining about artists not positioning their images, why make doing a bulk edit so painful that it actually encourages us to change the whole shebang at once? I am not going to go through the entire process for each of 30 pages of images just to select the ones I know are not going to work on any given product, or ones that won't without considerable adjustment. A lot of artists have way more than my 1500 and it's agony at my number. If I could display and edit 250 images at a time, I could live with going through the entire process six times. But thirty times? Ain't gonna happen. Nuh uh. Nope.


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