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Abbie Shores

9 Months Ago

Looking For Tips To Increase Sales?

Hello Member

Uploading images on Fine Art America is half of the work. The other half is marketing. Fine Art America is a platform for artists and photographers to run their own businesses. The artists that are successful on Fine Art America do outside marketing to promote their work and we offer a handful of different marketing tools to help you e.g. Shopping Cart Widget, Email Campaign, etc. So I would definitely take a look at these features (found 'Settings') to help get some sort of marketing plan in action.

Being an active member on Fine Art America is also a plus - we have a very large community of artists and photographers. 'Favouriting' images, leaving comments, participating in discussion forums, etc., are big ways to get your work noticed! I would also look into uploading more images.

We have over 7 million images listed on Fine Art America with any you have loaded, , so if there is no marketing and promotion done on your end, your images will get lost in the mix. If you follow all of these suggestions you will appear higher and more often in the search engine.

We cannot tell why some sell and why some do not so we cannot give that kind of advice. However, here are some great posts on the forum and elsewhere about marketing your work. Please log in to view some of them

Marketing course I am doing for members in the discussions every week (other posts linked at the bottom of the first)

Transparency in Discussions (written by the owner of Pixels/FAA)

What Is Marketing In Reality (opens in different site - Mine)

Marketing Plan

Marketing: Let's see your Pixels Artist Sites!

Checklist For Success In Print Sales.

Marketing 101 By Mike Savad

A Few Reasons Y U May Not Be Selling

Marketing Yourself

Promoting Your Art

Six Month Observation About Marketing

Evaluating Your Own Work To Sell

Elephant In The Room - Maybe Your Art Just Isnt That Good...

The Formula To Pricing Art?

Lots of reading but worth it.

Abbie Shores
Manager, Fine Art America | Pixels.com

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Donna Mibus

9 Months Ago

Oh my goodness THANK YOU! I swear, it seems like every single day someone posts a new thread asking "how do I increase my sales?"

This thread is a perfect solution!!!


Abbie Shores

9 Months Ago

Thank Sv. Brilliant idea and I have asked Sean to link to it under Post New whatsit


Mike Savad

9 Months Ago

I predict that no one will see this post. Even if it was bright yellow, and blinking and with dancing monkey's around it.

For anyone new that is seeing this thread, look at your work:

do you only have 2 things? Upload more things.
Is it covered in watermarks? Don't do that.
Would you buy or hang your own work in a nice frame? No? It may not sell. Or at least be hard to advertise.
Is the work yours? Great!
Or was it lifted from the net at random? Erase it, it will only get you into trouble down the line. And without a consistent set of styles you won't be recognized down the line.

Selling art isn't a side gig or hustle, it takes a lot of work and effort to do this.

----Mike Savad


Tambra Nicole Kendall

9 Months Ago

Thank you so much, Abbie!

I can't wait to dive into all of the information you've shared.
I appreciate all the work you've done putting this together.

This may give me some ideas for marketing my fiction, too.

Tambra Nicole Kendall


Abbie Shores

9 Months Ago

So glad to help. Tambra!


Tran Long

9 Months Ago

Very helpful post ..
Thank you so much, Abbie!


Abbie Shores

9 Months Ago

You're very welcome


Bradford Martin

9 Months Ago

My checklist is listed twice. Thank you!! But the most recent version is called "Checklist For Success In Print Sales (version 3)". As the site changes and in order to fit with best practices based on what is said by members and moderators, I last updated it 3 years ago. Not a lot has changed since then. I will eventually do an update and include a link to how to set up the AW using Cloudflare and also mention about the default image order, once that is settled.



Ingrid Lindberg

9 Months Ago

Thank you for putting this list together. A lot to read, but I intend to work through it. There is so much great artwork on FAA that it is daunting to even consider marketing one's own work.


Lynn Graves

9 Months Ago

Thanks Abbie...very informative.


Margaret Jacobs

9 Months Ago

Thank you!


GJ Glorijean

9 Months Ago

Thank YOU Abbie & FAA Fellows...
I want to believe that I know how to market since that's my B.S. Undergrad degree... BS is right, IDK anything in this 21st C economy... So I am going super slow, but this is exactly what I need to study... I don't have a solid base. In grad sch, Digi Publishing I recall Doctorow saying something like you need 1,000 people as a base that will buy anything & everything you do! WOW great formula! I like that. So I need to do something about shaking off my resistance and finding a base audience... Hoping for new inspiration, GJ glorijean


Sanja De Leo

9 Months Ago

Grazie Abbie, ho ancora tanto da imparare.
...al lavoro 😊


Barbie Corbett-Newmin

9 Months Ago

Thanks Abbie! SO much to do!


Lana Williams

9 Months Ago

Thank you. I am new here.


Soy nuevo aquí gracias


Rosaria Pantano

9 Months Ago

Thanks for this thread! I am new here so I have a lot to learn!!


Nezih Sancar

9 Months Ago

Thank you so much, Abbie!


Off the Page

9 Months Ago

I shall read through this thread diligently, everyone is looking for the Holy Grail when it comes to sales!


Taif Ahmed

9 Months Ago

thank you so much



9 Months Ago

Although I have just joined this community and I am writing to you from Romania, I will read all the articles with interest.
I wish you a creative day!


Michelle Beshears

9 Months Ago

This is great info. Thanks


Adesuwa Justice

9 Months Ago

Wow, this is a very helpful thread! I will certainly be taking all of these things into consideration. Marketing has not been my strength so I look forward to implementing these tips.


Noemia Poole

9 Months Ago

Hi Abbey,

I am new here and just read your post. Thank you for the input, I sure will take it into consideration. I am new in the market as well, so all that I can read about it will help me.

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Adam Gladstone

9 Months Ago

Great list Abbie. Thanks for putting it together. Some of the stuff I've already been asking myself (I know I'm no Ansel Adams, but keep asking myself what I could do better, are there photos I'd cull from my gallery. etc). As time goes by I'll try to read through the links.

As I go through the list of links to check them out, I've found one that don't work for me (don't know why). https://fineartamerica.com/showmessages.php?messageid=2040787 is one.


Harry Simmons

27 Days Ago

and I didn't even have to buy a self-help book, that's pretty cool. It looks like lots of useful information is all right here. That's good because there is so much garbage on the internet that we have to sort through, I look forward to reading it.


Fouad Driouchi

27 Days Ago



Hafidoch Setti

27 Days Ago



Corey Mineo

25 Days Ago

I would like to be part of this!



22 Days Ago

Muchas gracias por tus consejos. Veo que tras publicar tu obra, queda un duro y largo trabajo.


Driss Baya

22 Days Ago



Curtis Birdwhistle

22 Days Ago

Thanks, this was very helpful, I'm new


Dave Bakker

22 Days Ago

Thank you for this list!


Xiongzheng Lou

21 Days Ago

thank you for this post! super helpful


Nikhil Choudhary

21 Days Ago

Thanks for give me important information


Ludwina Van hyfte

20 Days Ago

Always make sure your artwork is of the highest technical quality for printing.


Joshuah Washington

20 Days Ago

Hello, thank you for these tips im a young artist willing to get better at art and make more money. But do you have any suggestions on how to take a clear image of your painting?


Thiago Cavalcante

19 Days Ago

Thank you for your words. It will help me a lot.


Catalina Decaire

18 Days Ago

I’ve been a member for over ten years. Fine Art has sold one (1) piece in that time. I’ve done far better on my own with commissions. Doing specifically what the customer wants. Spent a lot of money on festivals and it was all wasted. Better to get on a “ call for artists” list in your town and state. I’ve had numerous images stolen and offer for sale by a Chinese website. When I wrote on their website that I was selling images for less than the stollen site they disappeared.


Abbie Shores

18 Days Ago


Here are some tips for photographing your artwork, or scanning it if that's an option for you. These tips can help you get the best possible image of your work:

Use a camera with at least 10-12 megapixels, and make sure it has a manual focus lens. This will help make sure your image is clear and high quality. The higher the megapixels, the larger the image file will be, which is important if you want to offer large prints.

Put your camera on a tripod if you have one, or use something like a stack of books to keep it steady. This will help prevent blurring or shaky images.

Try to take your photos outside in natural light, and adjust your camera's white balance settings so that the colors in your image look accurate.

When you export your image, try to use the highest possible file size while still keeping it under 25 megabytes.

At our site, we don't crop or change the shape of your images to fit standard sizes. Instead, we allow artists to upload their work as is, so you have the freedom to showcase your art in the way that you want.

I hope this helps, but let me know if you have any other questions or if there's anything else I can help you with!

Best regards,


Oberti Madeira

18 Days Ago

Hello I'm new here! Thanks so much for all your tips!


Valerie Hartman

18 Days Ago

I joined FAA in 2019 but started to add my images this year. I only have approximately 60.
I have just opened an Etsy store for my art prints, but so far the views whether there or here are few to none.
I am really trying and hopefully here some of you will take a look at my work and give me some advice.
My work is abstract and all my images are adjusted to the correct pixels.
Thank you so much.



Creative Heaven

17 Days Ago

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to drop a quick message to express my interest in participating in all the activities related to the sale of paintings and photographs on this forum. I appreciate all the advice that has been shared here so far, and I am eager to learn more about how I can promote my work effectively.

I understand that there are no "magic formulas" for success, but I believe that it's important to try to give your work as much visibility as possible both in o out this web. So, I'm committed to participating in discussions, sharing my work on social media, and attending events whenever possible.

Thank you all for your support, and I look forward to connecting with other artists and enthusiasts in this community.

Best regards,


The Das

17 Days Ago



John Gaffen

16 Days Ago

I am finding it increasingly difficult to sell anything on Fine Art America, despite regularly uploading new work and trying to advertise it on social media etc? My sales have got lower and lower, over the last couple of years, to the point where its only just worth staying on the platform. Maybe I should engage more with other artists on the site, but I'm not sure this would help?


Aesthna Niche

16 Days Ago

Thank you


Abbie Shores

13 Days Ago


Sales are down for many people at this time of year and then rise again in the next month or two. It happens every year. Some people get more and some get less

Engaging with artists is a good place to start however

Valerie, just go through the links above. They really can help


Millie Hancock

12 Days Ago



Frida Miller

11 Days Ago

Thank you very much. It helps me a lot.


Shri ram Pawar

9 Days Ago

Thank you for this


Kenneth Burton

9 Days Ago

Thanks a bunch


Cassie Browning

3 Days Ago

Thanks for the tips!


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