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Dale Kincaid

10 Days Ago

Adobe Releases New Photoshop Desktop Version 25.0

Adobe has release its latest Photoshop desktop version (September 2023 release) version 25.0. It is packed with new features, including the Firefly-powered Generative Fill and Generative Expand. The link below gives a brief explanation of the new features and enhancements. For anyone who is unsure, this is part of the Adobe subscription based Photoshop version.


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Yo Pedro

10 Days Ago

It's a real powerhouse, glad to see it moved out of the Beta phase of the project.


Debra Kewley

10 Days Ago

Thanks for the heads up....


Dale Kincaid

8 Days Ago

A 9 minute overview of what's new in Photoshop 2024.



Jack Torcello

6 Days Ago

I must admit Adobe's Generative Fill is a godsend! Buying elements and whatnot (buttons, bows, threads, lace etc etc) is a nightmare. Expensive and time consuming, and each package bundle tends to have about half a dozen usable elements. With Firefly and Generative Fill (also non-Adobe SDXL, Wombo, MidJourney etc) I can tailor my needs to almost exactly what I'm looking for; and don't have a whole heap of flotsam and jetsam of unused buys! Vive la Fille Generative!


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