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Irena Horodynska

8 Days Ago

Orange And Red

Those two colors are simply magic for me. I see the whole creation of feelings put on canvas when I look at red.
Orange inspire me to be more creative.
There is life in these two colors.
They are strong, they are bright, they are full and rich.

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Bill Swartwout

7 Days Ago

They are, indeed, powerful colors. Maybe that is why I am attracted to sunrise and sunset landscapes and seascapes.

I just looked at some of your work - it is unique and powerful. Nicely done.


Floyd Snyder

7 Days Ago

When I studied marketing I learned that red was the very best color to draw in customers and buyers.

It was not necessarily the best selling color but it was the best color to draw attention to your products no matter what you are selling.

When ever I hang art in any venue I try to hang as much red as possible that makes sense.


Val Arie

7 Days Ago

You have inspired me to create some red art today!


David Smith

7 Days Ago

Janet Borden is a gallery owner in NYC. She had a big gallery in SOHO in NY in the 80's and 90's.

When asked at seminars what was the best way to get her interested in representing new talent she said "make your work big…and red"


Shelli Fitzpatrick

7 Days Ago

I agree about those colors.

I have a thing about red... I like to include it in alot of my art even if it is only a small splash.


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