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Charles Levin

6 Days Ago

In What State Are Sales Taxes Calculated?

I will be selling from Ventura, CA where the sales tax is 7.25 percent. Does FAA calculate sales tax based on the location of my sale? Buyer's address? Looked for an answer in the topics but didn't see one ...
Much thanks,

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David Dehner

6 Days Ago

Hi Charles,

Artists do not need to worry about sales tax

All sales are Fine Art America's

You just allow them to use your image on their products


Floyd Snyder

6 Days Ago

My guess is it is figured in the state the buyer lives in. But I do not know for sure.

Seeing we do not have to deal with it at all, I don't know why that would be important to know. I could be wrong. We are not really the seller of the products here, FAA is. We only get a fee for the use of our images. We are not really retailers so I don't think where we live is important.

I will be interested in the reply from the house.


Floyd Snyder

6 Days Ago

Sorry, David, I was proof reading while you, quick on the draw, was posting. lol


The beauty of FAA is that this is not anything you have to worry about. Every sale is between the buyer and the company. FAA charges them sales tax and takes care of sales tax requirements. It's all on them, and you are out of it.

The money you make from art sales is for image licensing. You are not selling the artwork or the products. FAA is. You are just permitting FAA to print your image on their products. In return, they pay you the markup you place on the merchandise as an image licensing fee. You must pay the income tax in your state on the money you make.


Edward Fielding

6 Days Ago

The question has nothing to do with State or Federal Income tax.

Sales Tax:

Receipt's state sales tax law is applied.

First, you aren't the one doing the selling - FAA/Pixels is making the sale. Second, the buyer is responsible for sales tax like any person walking into a store to buy a bag of pretzels.

Just like when you order from Amazon, sales tax is applied based on the delivery address, not on where the product was manufactured and shipped.


Charles Levin

6 Days Ago

Thanks to all for the replies ...

My concern was dealing with buyers who might not be tech savvy enough to purchase online (yes, those people are still out there). For them I would place the order as a guest using my credit card, assuming they don't want to input their credit card info on my laptop. But I can still take their credit card on Square (which doesn't divulge that info to me). Square also allows you to input sales tax for instant computation, but understanding this now, I'll turn that off. In the event, I need to go down this road, I can just charge them the full amount from FAA that I would be paying for them.

Does that make sense?

Thanks again ...


Abbie Shores

6 Days Ago

We are the product supplier to the customer so you have nothing to do with sales tax when selling from our site

You are responsible for earnings taxes

Members only have to fill out the 'Other Earnings' area on their tax returns.

If you receive over $600 in the tax year we will send a 1099 form from track1099.com for those earnings but you do not need it to be able to complete the return

You can download an excel of your earnings in your BALANCE area.

Or log into PayPal and search for - at - fineartamerica.com under received payments for the dates you need. Download

If you are selling yourself then I suggest you look this up under your own government site which should show somewhere all tax details. But if we charge you tax on your purchase, then you would add that to your customers price


Jeff Folger

6 Days Ago

Charles, it seems you are placing the order for them? if so make sure you are logged out. if you log in you would only pay the FAA cost minus your markup and you would make a sale but not make anything on the order.

You should have them navigate to your website as themselves and make the purchase (much simpler) or make a buyers account where you are not you and you place the order and drop ship to them but your full markup is paid. THEY have to pay the shipping and the tax on the order...

This is why I don't deal with the customer directly. I let FAA do all the heavy lifting and I just rake in my profits...


Mary Bedy

6 Days Ago

I see you are selling photography - nice work, by the way - so unless you're selling "original prints" that you print yourself, it's confusing to me why you would be buying for the client. Unless it's like you said, they don't want to use their credit or debit card online.


Charles Levin

6 Days Ago

Jeff ... Yes, I would be placing the order for them and I do know to not sign in on my own account for reasons you have stated ...

Mary ... This is basically a backup plan in case I encounter someone who's queasy about putting their credit card info on my laptop ... I get how some folks might be a little unsettled about that, but I plan on recommending them to the FAA site on their own devices, be it laptop, tablet or phone ...


Floyd Snyder

6 Days Ago

"Does that make sense?"

No, not at all. You are bypassing the best features of FAA. You don't have to do any of that.

Has this ever actually come up?

Not sure where or how you find those few individuals who can't navigate an online transaction. If it were me, I would be more concerned about giving you, an individual, instead of the company, the credit card numbers. I would think it would be much easier just to walk them through the process.

"This is basically a backup plan in case I encounter someone who's queasy about putting their credit card info on my laptop ..."

I have been here for over 10 years, with several thousand sales and thousands more on other platforms. This has never come up for me.

I really do think you may be overthinking it.


Floyd Snyder

6 Days Ago

The other way to do it is to take the money from the client and then go to PXCanvasPrints.com and drop ship the print to the buyer.

That will work for the prints but not much for all the other products.


Charles Levin

6 Days Ago

Floyd ...
No, I can't say it's ever come up as I'm a newbie and this is my first ArtFair ... so we'll see ... like I said earlier in the thread, I plan on recommending that people use FAA on their own devices ...

Thanks for the feedback ...


Nina Prommer

6 Days Ago

Hi Charles,
you will find that after some time and the more images you upload that people figure it out and order online, specially since covid they are used to ordering in so to speak. The site offers a guarantee on the works so people can order and not worry about the quality, they can return (destroy) for a refund, rather then spend money to return they are asked to destroy the faulty product and send a photo
many of us have been here for over 10 years and I think I had a return only once in all that time
I ordered things for myself to see the quality and showcase some stuff, happy about what is produced
good luck at the fair and enjoy!


I have encountered this issue several times. Mostly from older people who are computer illiterate. You would be surprised how many there still are. They are not afraid to give me their credit card. I have found it is best to take their card and order yourself as a buyer or as Floyd said, PXCanvasPrints.com and drop ship the print to the buyer.

You can order the other products as well. There is a choice where you can "Change the product".

Another sales tax issue... If your customer came from your Etsy shop (or other marketplace) and you are placing an order for them, they have already paid the tax when they made their purchase. You still pay the tax when you place the order. Who gets the tax? I gave up trying to wrap my head around this and just decided not to worry about it.


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