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Polk Fine Art

6 Days Ago

Product Cropping And Delivery Question

I am new to FAA and ordered two products from my own site to test the service and quality. I received the first item, a zipper pouch, in 10 days. The cropping of the item is not as shown on the site (see photo). The entire bird on the right appears on the pouch on my site.

Is it a common problem to have products cropped incorrectly? Is there anything I can do to avoid this?

The second product I ordered, a greeting card, still has not arrived after 12 days. Does it usually take this long to get an order? The tracking site still says "awaiting item."

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Nina Prommer

6 Days Ago

not sure why the crop isn't like it is on your site

sometimes products that don't get manufactured from the same facility can arrive sooner or later

call or email support to find out

I saw that what you got is not the same as what you see on the site, strange, seems like a mistake at printing, they will redo this but make sure you contact them


What is the link to that zippered pouch on your Pixels website so we can see it, please.


Gill Billington

5 Days Ago

You need to contact customer service with your invoice number and photo (preferably the correct orientation) so they can send you a replacement. It should not have been printed like that.


You can also ask them about your greetings card. I have ordered many cards but I’ve never waited that long to get them printed.


What Nina said. Printed incorrectly and they will reprint it.


Lucia Waterson

5 Days Ago

Could it be possible because of the size chosen? It looks different from the size shown in your site.
And previously I noticed that I was making this mistake, too. The image changes according to the size of the product and you might not realize it when you order it.


If you check on her site you can see it was correct in each size. It was just printed wrong.


Lucia Waterson

5 Days Ago

Ah ok Karen, thank you for replying to my question.


Abbie Shores

5 Days Ago

I have taken a look at the order and yes, this is a definite misprint.

Contacting Customer Support will get you a new one https://fineartamerica.com/contactus.html?tab=contactus


Polk Fine Art

5 Days Ago

Thanks everyone. This is the link to the site showing how it should have been cropped: https://polkfineart.pixels.com/featured/hummingbirds-and-flowers-polk-fine-art.html?product=pouch


Polk Fine Art

4 Days Ago

I would like to post an update to this and get your opinions on it. I contacted customer service about the misprint on my zipper pouch. They rejected my claim and said that "this image was not fully within the blue-dotted safe zone area on the template."

When I look at the template, there is no blue line. There is only a green line above which it says "boundary: bleed area may not be visible." The entire bird (except for a tiny tip of its wing) is completely below that bleed area.

They sent me an image showing their version of the bleed area. It shows the line I see, plus a line below it that is apparently the true boundary. I would post the photo they sent, but I don't see a way to do that.

This is very concerning. I thought that what customers saw on the site was what they would get, but it doesn't seem like that it accurate. How can I be sure that products will be cropped to look like they do on the site?


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