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Impossible Fantasy Studio is a for-profit, community-active artist group officially formed in 2010 by graphic artist and emerging nature and wildlife photographer, Lelan Gimnick. Since then, the administrative structure has been streamlined and IFS is now operated under the organizational authority of Gimnick Enterprises, of which Mr. Gimnick is General and sole partner and owner. The new structure increases the efficiency of administrative actions and clarifies the processes of new member recruitment and admission, identifying community-level activities to sponsor and support, and support offered to non-affiliated artists at all stages of their respective careers, among others. The name of the studio comes from a twenty year-old conversation between Lelan and a professional painter in which she likened the prospect of an artist living to see their work became globally important to 'the impossible fantasy people will drive themselves to destruction to chase'. An example scenario of starving to death on the side of the road while painting a piece to add to the stack of works an artist had been having difficulty selling was used to illustrate what would have to happen before that body of work became important to anyone willing to pay fair value for it. Lelan has always been about beating the odds, so here IFS stands in defiance of them. And it is in that spirit that we extend our scope to helping people in our local communities to realize THEIR fantasies. To clarify, we aren't talking about setting someone up on a date with their favorite celebrity, sending them on a tour of Europe, or handing someone a multi-million dollar jackpot. Those who are in situations so desperate that they must fantasize about things the vast majority of people take for granted without a second thought are the people we are striving to reach out to. A mother and child who huddle together at night and secretly whisper of their shared dream of living in a safe and secure domestic situation without fear. A heart-broken father who's only dream in life is to be able to see and hold his children and be an active part of their lives. A desperate transient who's fondest imaginings are of warm nights out of the weather and never again spending a single day hungry. Those are our people, and we will not stop pushing our own growth until we can offer them hope. While IFS does not yet have a physical storefront and has a standing full time membership of two, we are constantly working on expanding and progressing both. We are always networking with local venues, shop owners, charitable organizations, and art related publications to broaden our reach with the goal of being able to meet the standards we have set for ourselves with regard to our mission statement, which is simply: 'To brighten and improve the lives of as many people as possible, far beyond the walls of the confined spaces in which our pieces are ultimately displayed.' For a more interactive relationship with us, or to see the Fantasy in motion, join us on facebook, where you can view updates from Lelan, see new and upcoming projects, or just leave us a little feedback on our page ( We here at IFS sincerely hope to be making your acquaintance soon. 'Keep the Fantasy Alive!' -LRG

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