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What is that giant PX sign on Main Street in Santa Monica?

... and why is the building always empty?

PX Sign on Main Street in Santa Monica

There's an old-fashioned lightbulb sign with just two letters on it... "p" and "x"... each about six feet tall... which sits on the side of a nondescript building at the corner of Pacific Street and Main Street in Santa Monica.

It's hard to miss. The sign is huge, and it glows its vintage glow 24 hours a day.

Why is it there, and what does it mean?

"px" is an abbreviation for "pixels"... and the building (2202 Main Street) is home to a company called Pixels.

The company, itself, is somewhat of a mystery.   It's an online art marketplace representing 500,000+ artists from all over the world... but no one seems to go in or out of the building (ever)... and the company's CEO doesn't have a single connection on LinkedIn.

It looks like a great office space with ocean views.   What goes on in there?