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Contest Rules

WIDE FORMAT and SUNFLOWERS ONLYThis Monthly Gallery Space is for WIDE FORMAT ONLY hosted by Art 4 Billboards

*** Accepting wide format 21x7 horizontal or 7x21 vertical ***
*** WIDE FORMAT is NOT simply panorama for this gallery ***
*** WIDE FORMAT for roadside billboard Length 3 TIMES Width ***

*** For this gallery, image & art MUST be WIDE FORMAT ONLY ***
*** Main Subject: Sunflowers and Wide Format
*** How Tall can your sunflower grow?
*** How Wide is your sunflower field?

*** ADMIN TAKES DOWN images that do NOT mean the criteria of this gallery.
There is a separate contest for Sunflowers Any Size format!

*** This gallery wants to be VISIBLE & GAIN new audience for our artworks.
Please ONLY share if you want your artworks & photos to be seen.
We encourage comments, social posts & leads to media, buildings, roadways.

*** MAIN RULE: Must be WIDE FORMAT ***
SIZING approx Length 3 TIMES Width horizontal or vertical
Think Virtual Billboard, does it fit on an FAA Yoga Mat!
Create new content our of your artwork by cropping &/or triptych.

*** Seeking Creative Wide Format, NOT merely Panoramas, Panos.
Challenge: Find an unusal point of view, fusion, triptych, artistic expressions to feature your sunflower captures & paintings ***

WIDE OPEN! Art 4 Billboards International Digital Gallery & Contest
*** WINNER will be FEATURED on the Art 4 Billboards GROUP site ***


*** FAA Product Test your Wide Format Artwork fits on a YOGA MAT NOT greeting card. ***

Seeking creative art & photos that have WIDTH 3-4 times the height... Using this basic sizing standard helps you prepare art of an official billboard contest!

Ideally this is your own artwork NOT just panoramas of scenes & skyscapers!
Although your captures can meet the criteria.

Be Creative! This means that you can play with your art & photos to make new versions of your content/context for a wide format version!!!

It's really awesome to play with wide format because there is so much we can do with the art & captures we have in a digital age.

Host of contest has discretion to REMOVE any/all art or photo for these reasons:
* NOT in wide format will be removed!
* Merely captures another artist art or brand (ie a photo of a billboard or mural
that someone else painted is generally NOT accepted.)
* Only shows a familiar landscape without a creative or artist pt of view.
* NOT family friendly

Wide Format Artworks are being accepted at the FAA Group: Art 4 Billboards.
Submit your art & photos. Be patient for review & approval.
Pending images will be sporadically added.

Let's make art for our roads & mobile spaces! I believe this will be part of the high touch, in an otherwise drab robotic tech world. Art inspires, encourages, emotes, expresses & hopes!

Share Indie Art (IN, Tweet, Pin & beyond)
Fellow & Art 4 Billboards Admin,
GJ glorijean

Submission Rules

Each participant may submit 7 images.

Voting Rules

1)   Votes may be cast by any visitor to Pixels.com (members and non-members).

2)   You may only vote once per image.

3)   You may vote for as many images as you like... but only once for any given image.

Contest Timeline

Status: Voting in Progress (6 Days Remaining)

Submissions Begin

Sunday, September 1st, 2019 - 12:24 AM

Submissions End / Voting Begins

Sunday, September 15th, 2019 - 12:24 AM

Voting Ends / Prizes Awarded

Sunday, September 22nd, 2019 - 12:24 AM

Current Time (Eastern United States)

Sunday, September 15th, 2019 - 8:43 AM

Contest Prizes

This contest will be awarding the following prizes:

1st Place:

Wide Format 1st Place: Sunflower

2nd Place:

Wide Format 2nd Place: Sunflower

3rd Place:

Wide Format 3rd Place: Sunflower

Contest Organizer

GJ Glorijean

Broadway, NJ

United States

Sponsoring Group

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