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J L Meadows

10 Days Ago

Still Alive

That is all.

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Matthias Hauser

10 Days Ago

Happy to hear that. Really! Hope you are well.


Janine Riley

10 Days Ago

Good to see you stopping by J L .


Mike Savad

10 Days Ago

a year went by already? or were you let out on good behavior?

----Mike Savad


Uther Pendraggin

10 Days Ago

How can either of us be certain?

How can any of us be certain?


VIVA Anderson

10 Days Ago

Best news today!!.........xx


Ronald Walker

9 Days Ago

Good to hear from you!


Mario Carta

9 Days Ago

Every day above ground is a good day JL, :-)


Good to see you J L!


Michael Hoard

9 Days Ago

Welcome.....how exciting to see you again!!!! I hope all is well with you!!!


Edward Fielding

9 Days Ago

Thanks for the update!


Mary Bedy

9 Days Ago

Waving :-).


Roger Swezey

9 Days Ago

A Very Good Morning JL

It was a bit scary when I googled "JL Meadows", a while ago.

Welcome back

To me, your Art has always been ALIVE

From Unicorns, to Back Panthers, to this exquisite watercolor

Sell Art Online

This from your description says it all:

"Unicorns and gardens and Spring seem to go together, don't they? Imagine the scent and color and magic of Spring blooming on your wall!"

(I wonder how many viewers notice the Unicorn)

By the way, I love how you described the medium:

"Mixed Media - Watercolor And Pixel Dust"

GREAT hearing from you


Janice Drew

9 Days Ago

J L, nice seeing a familiar face again. Hope all is well.


J L Meadows

2 Days Ago

Thank you, everyone.

I have been too downhearted to create anything lately. But I want to thank those who have bought prints of my work during my absence. :)


Janine Riley

2 Days Ago

I do it all the time J L - but it is the worst thing to do : withdraw when you are feeling lonely.

What you need to do is involve yourself in something bigger than you.
The world has all sorts of problems - so help be involved with solutions.

You can : Volunteer to read to children in a Library hour.
Visit a children's ward in the hospital and drop of some print - or color with them in the visiting rooms.
Volunteer to walk some dogs at the local animal shelter.
Make some PB & J sandwiches for homeless people , buy them some socks at the $ store and give them away.

Unsolicited advice, I know. But you need a hand to drag you up.


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