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Tran Boelsterli

13 Days Ago

Not Getting Emails From 2 Recent Sales

Please help!
My friend told me today that she ordered 2 items 2 days ago. I did not receive any email (like I used to, in the past sales). Any idea please? I hope there is not any new setup that I missed.


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Abbie Shores

13 Days Ago

Check spam folder.


Jessica Jenney

13 Days Ago

Do you have Gmail? That's best for receiving your notifications.


Mike Savad

13 Days Ago

the mail isn't as important as it really being a real sale. but as said gmail is best, the rest eat the mail. and its usually spammed out.

----Mike Savad


Tran Boelsterli

13 Days Ago

Thank you, Abbie, Jessica and Mike!


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