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Bio of Pamela J.   French Artist/Sculptor/Writer I once read a sign that said, “Don’t judge me by what I do until you walk a mile in my shoes.” Come and go with me as we walk that mile together.   I was born Pamela Joann Morehead on October 2, 19fifty-something and was raised on a farm in Balko, OK.   I married the love of my life in 1977.   I still carry that farm girl attitude, that nothing is too difficult if you put your back into it, but with art, I have discovered, it is your heart you must apply before the work is complete.   I hold a deep faith in...more
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Find a business owner, make friends, do business with them, chat them up and find out what they like in the way of art. With a little research you might find someone who would love to display your art for a month or two. And if not, you at the least ... 

This image is one that pushed me to work quickly and intelligently toward a goal that would allow me to be a part of an event that brought more recognition of my work to the local people in our town. Although I sold a lot of paintings, my work is not...